Box SVP Sam Schillace shares how he quickly and cheaply experimented on an app no one wanted—that became the basis for Google Docs.

Schillace says that even at companies focused on innovation, it’s hard to convince others of the value of truly new things. “Whenever you see something that’s truly creative or disruptive, it challenges your worldview. And when you’re challenged like that, you have a choice either to accept the challenge, meaning that you are in some way wrong, or reject it, which is saying that the thing itself is wrong. So it’s very rare that people will say, ‘Oh I must be stupid because I didn’t see this,’ so usually people’s first reaction is to reject them.”

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In which direction is the cube spinning? Now blink, or look away and look back. Is it still spinning in the same direction?

A Necker Cube is an ambiguous line drawing. Our brain can create different interpretations of it.

This clip was part of the Christmas Lectures 2011 presented by Professor Bruce Hood - Lecture One: What’s in your head? Watch it in full on the Ri Channel.