bowling ball

Nearly a decade ago, I took the tunnel system at Rockland State Hospital to the gymnasium/theatre building.  After photographing the gym, I noticed a panel removed, leading under the stage.  Crawling under the stage, I reached a point where there was a hole in the floor - and directly beneath the hole, a bank of lockers.  I dropped down onto the lockers, and found myself in a room disconnected from the staircases inside the gym building - which turned out to be the machine room for the pin setters for a completely untouched bowling alley.  Unused in decades based on the used scoresheets still sitting on the alley’s tables, this was a place time had forgotten - bowling shoes still on the rack in a dark back corner; a billiards table that looked like it was just waiting for some players.  But the real attraction were the four dilapidated wooden lanes themselves; a testament to a time when recreational therapy was considered an important part of the healing process.  Today’s psychiatric facilities - designed with the notion of hurrying a patient through as quickly as possible and discharging them - rarely have such appointments.

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The return of the “bowling ball” finish.  How exciting!  I just wish it was more colourful like the original “bowling balls” back in the early 80s

Also…dig that incredible figured neck.  Because of the colour I thought it was some other kind of wood, but on inspection it looks like flame maple with some kind of finish that makes it so dark.  Very pretty!