The signs and their classic rock aesthetics
  • Aries:keith moon's laugh
  • Taurus:roger waters' black shirts
  • Gemini:david bowie's eyes
  • Cancer:robert plant's hair
  • Leo:john entwistle's death growl
  • Virgo:roger taylor's rogerina outfit
  • Libra:john lennon's humor
  • Scorpio:john bonhams's drum solos
  • Sagittarius:freddie mercury's voice
  • Capricorn:jimi hendrix' afro
  • Aquarius:ringo starr's smile
  • Pisces:brian may's twitter

I bet whenever somebody says nerdy stuff like “David Bowie’s eyes used to be the same colour, but he got anisocoria which makes his eye appear more darker AND also the injury gave it a brownish tint which got more apparent over the years and still depends a lot on the light” he knows it and sends you a kiss on the cheek for being the great fan that you are :D