How to Tie a Bow Tie

Step 1: Turn up collar

Step 2: Obtain bow tie

Step 3: Make one end slightly shorter than the other

Step 4: Tuck longer end over shorter end and up through loop

Step 5:  Shape shorter end in the shape of a bow tie, er… shape

Step 6:  Then you just loop over…

Step 7: And you erm…

Step 8: just…

Step 9: no

Step 10: Hold on, I’ve got just the thing.

Step 11: There we go, piece of–

Step 12:  Blue?

Step 13:  Wrong setting, sorry.

Step 14:  Dashing!  Now turn your collar back down.

Step 15:  Add a fancy coat

Step 16:  You are now ready to save the world(s)!