Tenth Doctor + Wearing Bow Ties (and pulling them off)

I’m proud to be a queer entrepreneur. Society would have you think it’s impossible to be successful and queer. I believed that for a long time.

Then came The Brklyn Store.

I want to thank everybody who has purchased, or even checked out the store. You guys have helped me find the kind of confidence I didn’t think I could experience. Thank you so much.

- Brklynbreed,
Owner of The Brklyn Store

Look Dapper in Bow Ties 5 bow ties to wear now

The key to looking dapper with bow ties is making sure the specific piece goes well with your outfit. Think about the color, design and material of the bow tie and how it will go with the rest of your ensemble. Whether your style falls more on the formal or casual side of the spectrum, check out these 5 bow ties you can wear to complete a dapper look.

1. Barneys New York Paisley Bow Tie

This eye-catching tone of maroon is timeless and can be used for a variety of occasions. The groovy pattern breaks the formality and gives a very casual look that can be used even for a spontaneous dinner with friends.

2. Zara Polyester Bow Tie

Patterns not you thing? Zara’s got you covered with this adorable, solid bow tie. As a plus, it comes in white and black varieties too. With a classic design that will always be in fashion, this bow tie’s definitely a great pick for anyone. 

3. Brooks Brothers Stripe with Circles Reversible Bow Tie

Willing to take a fashion risk? This adventurous piece can either be a hit or miss depending on how you choose to wear it. One thing’s for sure, people will talk about this bow tie, be it praise or constructive criticism. 

4. Paul Smith Black and Red Polka Dot Silk Bow Tie

This charming red polka dot bow tie by Paul Smith is exactly what you need. The nifty piece can be worn to a casual hangout as well as a formal dinner. Prefer something more daring? It’s also available in bloodshot red with white polka dots!

5. Drake’s Bow Tie

This piece from Drake’s, with a refined navy blue color and subtle white stripes, is the right amount of casual and class. It’s elegant but not boring; fashionable but not risky.

What’s your bow tie style? Are you all about the classics, or do you go for edgier designs? Whichever your prefer, discover bow ties that match your personal style on Wantering.

Main photo inspired by Harry Rosen


Another successful photo shoot with the Dapper Chicks of New York

I feel honored to be standing with these six amazingly brilliant and talented women. To Sara, Wen, Nicole, Danielle, Bo, and Ali — I am proud to stand by your side!

And there is one woman who is not shown in these photos and that’s Debbie, of Dag Images, the fantastic photographer of this very special photo shoot!

I’ve had some serious push back from the work place about the way I dress and it’s only made me the person I am today. After many years I am finally comfortable with going on an interview with a bow tie and owning it! I am dapper, hear me roar!

It’s a comfort to know that there are other phenomenal woman out there like these lovely ladies who support equality for women.

Please check out www.adapperchick.com for more photos and the full story!

so much love,

Laura, Girl In A Bow Tie



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Happy Holiday Season…. here we goooooo!

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