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Neo-Nazis are not bad people, just misguided. Deep down, we all know Jews are evil. Shall I gather a list of the richest families in the world, billionaires, and a major statistic of the members of board of directors of all fortune 500 companies? Not to mention the amount that control hollywood, media, etc.

I really don’t know how to respond to this giant mound of bovine droppings which has shown up in my message box.  So I will just post this picture instead.

“She was a beautiful creature and I named her Brown Eyes. But as she did not appear to be any more intelligent than other Holsteins I took great pains in training her for her new work. It was summer, and the location was on the desert near Kingdon, Arizona, a place so hot during midday that you have to pack ice around your camera to prevent the emulsion of the film from melting. I began my training of Brown Eyes by leading her around the  studio on a rope. I continuously fed her carrots and other culinary delights for bovines. When she became convinced that following me about paid off big, I substituted a string for rope and then finally thread for the string. I never had a more affectionate pet or a more obedient one. After a while I was able to walk her through doors, in and out of sets, even past bright lights. The only difficulty we had was when I sat down and she tried to climb into my lap.”

- Buster Keaton on Brown Eyes, his leading lady in Go West (1925)

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Hi i love your art. I was wondering can you draw centaur Sam(moose please)?

my tablets been wonky so heres a traditional centaur!sam 


CHARLES BRONSON Split EP with ICE NINE w/original pasted on cover and extra insert, Lim. 130. Bovine Records, 1996. “There is no Bovine catalog accompanying this because we threw them all away. We aren’t insane and we don’t like being called ‘Beserkcore’ to sell more records.”

Douglas is one of the most social cows at the sanctuary and always wants to say hi! This week’s Friday from the Field features this lovable bovine acting as a road block taking it a little bit longer for animal care to feed the cows. That’s ok because we love to say hi back!


The saola or Vu Quang ox (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis) is sometimes referred to as the “Asian unicorn” due to its rarity. This bovine inhabits the forests of the Annamite mountain range bordering Vietnam and Laos. The saola is so rare and secretive that it was known only to locals until its formal discovery in 1992. It is classified as Critically Endangered, and has only been photographed in the wild on four occasions [x].

Adult saolas stand 80-90 cm tall and weigh about 90-100 kg. Both male and female saolas possess long, straight horns at maturity (the top image above is of a juvenile animal). They are believed to be mostly solitary animals. They have very large scent glands on either side of their snout, which are used for marking territory.

The biggest threats to the saola are habitat loss and hunting; they sometimes end up as accidental bycatch in snares intended for other animals, such as wild boar. In addition, local hunters prize their skulls as trophies.

Several attempts have been made to keep saolas in captivity, but unfortunately none of them survived more than a few months.

Two fascinating videos of a captive saola can be viewed on Arkive here. Sadly, this female nicknamed “Martha” died after less than three weeks in captivity, “probably as a result of a feeding regimen that was inadequate in diversity, freshness, and quantity” [x].

224 Bovinity

hope fear war: and repetition the key to survival of the fittest while the rest will decay. hard-wired vision cuz right side is the wrong side of the road where spies watch with trained eyes and i get nervous - whistling extra casual with hands in my pockets. cuz i’m no tough guy - just another aborigine. an oblique strategist eating a dozen bananas per sec.

pride history roots to hold and remember the tangled mess of losses incurred for the sake of little ones with pink cheeks and runny noses and fat ones with promise of plug-hole satisfaction. aeons ago it was - a struggle between father whose wrath a thunderbolt and mother pregnant with the world. she told me to look around this stage: at the actors, the audience, watchdogs and critics - the Bovinity - chewing stale cud and drooling on smelly bibs. it’ll take longer than i thought.