"I confess that I couldn’t quite get the gist of the crime system when I first started out. It started out with me killing an Alik’r warrior (for his sword), but I didn’t quite kill the witness. To cut a long story short, I went on a werewolf-kills-all-the-guards-in-Windhelm rampage to get rid of my bounty. It didn’t work. Don’t do it."


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About the racist content attached to the Darren Wilson GoFundMe donation page, a site reportedly created and managed by a someone on the Ferguson Police Department, ostensibly for expenses and the defense of the officer who shot and killed Mike Brown:

If Darren Wilson, the Ferguson PD officer who shot Mike Brown had any mote of class, honor or humanity at all he’d ensure any of the money of his GoFundMe donation attached to a racist comment was immediately returned upon submission,

Let’s say for sake of argument that the shooting was justified (it isn’t, so focus on the next point). If the shooting was justified how could any moral, professional and compassionate human being accept in good conscience a donation that came with it the horrible glee of bigotry? Hundreds, if not thousands of donations had attached to them racist screeds, celebrations and sheer joy that a young black man was dead. Those donations were, in a fashion a reward for killing a black person.

The complaints for violations of the GoFundMe terms of service became so proliferate that all comments were disabled and many offending ones were removed. Still, commentary or not the donation page is little more than a place for a bounty to be deposited.

I call upon Officer Darren Wilson, as a servant of his city sworn to uphold the law, to honor his oath and as a human being to address this situation immediately.

I call upon him to denounce the racist comments, renounce the followers that post the same, immediately return any and all funds past, present and future that were donated with racist messages attached.