sparklyraccoon asked:

Panic! At The Disco, or the obvious Twent Øne Pilots for the artist ask thing <3

Gonna do both!
  • favourite song: This is Gospel for Panic! and  twenty one pilots is  holding on to , run and go , stressed  out and guns for hands
  • least favourite song:idk for Panic! and for twenty one pilots  , i would say i guess the pantaloon(for the most part)
  • have i ever seen them live:nope
  • favourite band member: Panic! Brendon Urie and   twenty one pilots i love them both <333
  • least favourite band member:none
  • how many of their albums i have: one(vessel that i bought last week <333)
  • favorite album: blurryface based on whats has been released
  • favorite lyrics:is it time to move our  feet to a introspective beat
  • favorite music video:stresed out  or holding on to you
  • ever met any members: nope (hopefully one day ..but i hoping they come here in concert first )