From the wandering tribes of the west, our good Queen Bouddica united various tribes and formed the stronghold of Edinburgh upon the fertile Eden Plains; a fertile lush land filled with lakes, salt and wheat and surrounded with defensive forest.Several tribes sought to usurp our good Queen, but she announced a devotion to the Horned God and united us under a large statue built in his honour. Our Pictish Warriors, devout and deadly, took the sword to these heathens and our nation prospered. We expanded North, creating the mining city of Dublin to further fuel our armies.Until now, our people remained rich and well fed with demanded tributes from the small tribes of Kyzyl and Vancouver, but our Queen believed we had a greater destiny. Markets, courts and fortifications were built under her command, marking us as different to our barbaric cousins.Heralded by the arrival of the Great Druid Sitting Bull, the Horned God was pronounced as the ruler of nature. Our faith began to fund large churches for our people to worship and Sitting Bull spoke of a garden that would be built in the future; a great Eden amongst the world that would offer our people transcendence. Our belief would be known as Paganism in the future but to us, it was the truth.Seeking to explore the world, our great Queen created a vast army of Pictish Warriors and Catapults, before marching to the East. We found the Brazilians, who were a peaceful nation that offered us great amounts of gold and silver for our salt. Already we were becoming civilised and not seeking to pillage our brothers. But still we marched.The great nation of Russia greeted our great Queen, led by the magnificent Catherine. She was a skilled diplomat that sat high within her fortress, worshipped by her people as a living god. Our Queen sought to challenge this divine rule in the name of the Horned God. We sounded the horns of war and charged into their desert settlements. The people fled before us as we marched to Moscow, stopping short of it’s walls. Then, the Russians counter attacked.Peasants armed with spears attacked our warriors, devout to fight til the last man. Our army was caught between Moscow and Novgorod and both strongholds pushed us back. Forming a defensive line, our catapults lay siege upon Moscow’s walls as we waited. Our men were killed one by one by the neverending horde of Russian fanatics, but we finally broke their spirit. Our great Queen rushed forward, seeking to claim this great fortress for her own.We seized the castle but found that Catherine had already fled. Before we had barely even settled, the Russians took the city back with a strong offensive. We retreated behind the catapult line, our Queen captured and our armies scattered. With a desperate plea for reinforcements, we waited. Our catapults continued to hammer the city and our warriors continued to fight.Weeks passed before our soldiers arrived, a minor cavalry force that swept into the destroyed city and freed our Queen. She readopted her crown and forced the Russians back to St. Petersburg, but they still surrounded us like smoke. We sued for peace and began to rebuild the pile of rubble that had once been Moscow.Back home, our belief had been codified onto scriptures so all could learn of the truth. We spread the word of the Horned God to Kyzyl and Vancouver, who rejoiced with the sudden understanding of the world. The Oracle was built, a memorial of the Great Druid Sitting Bull and a place for the current Council of Elders to meet. It inspired great art for our people, who sang in their churches and flocked to the palace to see the great work of our Pictish Warriors.And so we stand, a nation divided now. In the west, our homeland continues to grow with great promise, but the barbarians are growing in strength and our warriors are outdated, no match for the quicker cavalry. In the east, Bouddica seeks to recover from her horrific defeat and build an army to defend the pile of rubble upon which she stands that so many died for. What was once a test is now something dear to us, as so many died to obtain it. So I write this now and wait, to see what will become of our nation and our great Queen. Whether we can defend Moscow and retain our honour, and whether the homeland can survive without its Queen. via /r/civstories