Queen’s House Staircase

This picture, originally intended only to capture the spiral staircase in the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in England, was taken in 1966. A shrouded figure appears at the bottom of the stairs — possibly corroborating the many reports of strange encounters surrounding them over the years.

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Once Upon a Time, part 8

(Cullen x Lavellan)


Breakfast was eaten in relative silence, the sounds of training from the courtyard drifting up to fill the room.  When they were both finished Nell took their plates and set them back on the trey before lifting it to carry and place on the other side of the door at the bottom of the stairs.

When she came back up Cullen was already in the changing room scrubbing water from the basin over his face and through his hair.  She left him to it and went to stoke the fire and pull the couch closer to it before grabbing the blanket from the bed and bundling herself into the corner.  When he came out she motioned him over, but instead of taking the other end as she had thought, he pushed at her until he could climb behind and bracket her with his arms and legs.

“I figured you would want to stretch out.”

Cullen shook his head and reached up to cover a cough before replying.  “That wasn’t what I had in mind.”

Nell smiled at the words, her own lacing with humor even as she settled more against him, her hands wrapping lightly around the arm that circled her waist.  “Apparently.”

“So, I’m assuming the princess spent the day looking for the answer to the riddle,” Cullen commented, and Nell bit back a laugh at the attempt he made to sound casual.  He might not admit that he was interested in knowing the rest of the story, but he did a poor job of hiding it.

“She did.”

“I don’t see why.”

Nell raised a brow and glanced over her shoulder at him.  “Oh?”

Cullen shrugged and dropped his free arm to rest against the back of the couch.  “She likes him.  It’s obvious.”

“Is it?”

“Of course,” he replied, his hand coming up to tap against the tip of her ear before it settled back against the couch.  “Why doesn’t she just give up and marry him?”

She laughed and leaned forward enough to turn at look at him fully.  “You do know that not everyone is content to simply let others decide their life course, right?  You may have always been good at doing what was expected of you, Commander, but you are not the princess in this story.”

There was a pause as he glanced over her face before reaching up again to brush his thumb across her cheek.  “You’re right.  So what does happen?”

Nell turned and settled back again, waiting as Cullen shifted and slid his arms around her before speaking.  “The princess spent the day looking for the answer.  She skipped all meals, ignored all inquiries, and didn’t speak to anyone until she made it back to her rooms that night and asked that her lady’s maid be called to attend her.

When the maid showed up the princess told her the same thing she had told her clerk the night before, that she wanted her to go into the prince’s room once he was asleep and ask what the answer to the riddle was.  While the maid was much more agreeable about the idea than the clerk had been she still questioned the princess as to why it was necessary and the princess was honest and told her that it was because she could not find the answer on her own.

Once the maid had agreed the princess went into her wardrobe and found a brown cloak that would cover her dress and bright red hair, making her unrecognizable.”

“Leliana then,” Cullen interrupted and Nell scowled at the air before glancing back at him.


He nodded and bent his head to nuzzle lightly at her neck.  “Bright red hair.”

“Maybe it’s a coincidence,” she replied and felt him smile against her skin.

“I doubt it.”

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Ship 15

Waking up to the sound of his guitar playing. You sat up and rubbed your eyes softly. Biting down on your lip, you remembered the argument you and Luke had. Running your fingers through your hair you pulled the blankets away and slipped out of bed. Grabbing your fuzzy socks from the floor you slipped them on and smiled slightly to yourself before heading to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Walking out of the bathroom you pulled your hair into a messy bun. Opening the door to the bedroom you could barely make out what he was singing. Making your way down the stairs you sighed as he floor creaked a bit, he immediately stopped playing and looked over at you. Sliding your hand down the railing you stared at your feet. Once at the bottom of the stairs you headed to the kitchen. Looking into the fridge you sighed and gripped the door handled. Looking back you could see him sitting on the couch, his eyes focused on the little coffee table. Walking over you leaned softly on the door frame you played with the hem of his shirt. It hung low on you. 
“Would you like some breakfast” you asked, he shook his head as he picked up the paper 
“I had coffee” he mumbled under his breath, 
“That’s not” you started to say before he cut you off by playing the guitar. Sighing you nodded and turned back into the kitchen to cook something for yourself. 

Grabbing a plate you walked over to the living room. Setting the plate down next to his coffee
“Coffee is not breakfast” you mumbled before you headed to the kitchen. Grabbing your plate, you grabbed a piece of toast and headed up the stairs to the bedroom. Sitting down on the bed, you took a bite from the toast and turned the TV on. Flipping through the channels you noticed the door being opened. Biting on your lip, you looked over and watched as he stepped inside. 
“Can I join you” he asked quietly, nodding you patted the spot next to him. He closed the door and walked over sitting down next to you “What are you watching” he mumbled as he looked over at the screen. 
“Music videos” you replied as you took a bite from your food. 
“Babe about what happened last night” he said as he set the plate down on the night stand.
“It’s fine Luke” you replied looking over at him 
“No it’s not fine” he said as he placed his hand softly on your thigh “I was mean when all you wanted was to get home” he added as he frowned “I should have come home with you last night instead of you calling a cab” he shifted so he was sitting in front of you. “I’m sorry, I was having a good time with the lad and I just was being a jerk” he said. Frowning you placed your hand softly on his cheek and leaned over pecking his lips. 

Laying your head on his shoulder, you watched as his fingers moved on the guitar. Biting down on your lip you closed your eyes as he started singing the words. Nuzzling into his neck you left a small kiss on your neck. 
“That’s a lovely song” you said, he set the guitar down and pulled you on his lap. Straddling his lap you wrapped your arms around his neck pecking his lips softly. “Lukey next time you want to stay with the lad just tell me” you whispered looking into his blue eyes “I will understand” you added running his fingers through his hair “I know you get stressed and sometimes you just want to unwind and have a few drinks” you said “I don’t like arguing with you” you whispered against his lips. 
“I don’t like arguing with you either” he mumbled as he pressed his lips to yours. 

“I woke up with the biggest headache ever, Dior scratched my arm when I was tryin’ to feed her, I burned my tongue when I took a sip from my coffee, I tripped on the bottom step of the stairs and I just spilled ink all over my essay. This day is goin’ so good so far, I can’t wait to have practice, fall off my broom, break my skull and die.”

the signs as bill cipher quotes
  • aries:boy these arms are durable
  • taurus:remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!
  • gemini:look kid, you've been getting way too close to figuring out some major answers
  • cancer:wanna hear my impression of you in about three seconds?
  • leo:i am a being of pure energy with no weaknesses!
  • virgo:well well well, someones looking desperate!
  • libra:who would sacrifice everything just for their dumb sibling?
  • scorpio:pain is hilarious!
  • sagittarius:race you to the bottom of the stairs!
  • capricorn:You monster
  • aquarius:man its been so long since ive inhabited a body!
  • pisces:darkness approaches. A time is coming in the future where everything you care about will change. Until then, I'll be watching you!

my boyfriend is such a real one. his family’s dog accidentally had an accident in the hallway (it took a sh*t) and we didn’t know cause he was helping me study for my test at the table. we get up cause i asked him to get me some ointment from upstairs for my new tatooo and i would wait at the bottom of the stairs…it was kind of dark in the hallway and i wasn’t paying attention to where i was walking and i accidentally stepped in the dog’s crap with one of my glow in the dark huf socks on. i looked at what i stepped on and instantly started to scream and panic and say, “christian christian omg christian my sock my sock my sock help me omg” and he was so confused and realized what had happened and started giggling and then took my sock off for me and i thought that was super cute cause who would do that for me. then he went upstairs and got me a pair of his socks and then i fall in love with him all over again and it really cute. i’m appreciative of you. therealdjwavy

‘3x20-Felicity-post ep’-drabble

A/N: This is going to have feels. But hopeful feels. I hope. :) Set as Felicity is walking away from Oliver. 

Enjoy! And no fear, I’m off to write some fluff now, so it won’t be all angst and sadness. Promise. (porsches and sunsets) 

The mile long walk to the plane was over before she knew it. Somehow she’d followed the path, unseeing, unfeeling because her heart had been left a few thousand feet behind her.

It was a surprise when she blinked and looked up to see the jet sitting there, stairs down with John waiting at the bottom.

His eyes were low and sad and that more than anything made a sudden warmth race up her neck as tears made her vision blurry.

He reached for her when she was still steps away, giving her time to flash her hand up, “Don’t, John, please…if you touch me I’ll fall apart and I can’t do that right now.”

“Okay,” he replied tightly, hand clenching in a fist as it dropped back to his side. She wrapped one arm around her middle, clutching the rail tightly as she climbed the stairs.

Malcolm was getting Thea settled into a seat when she made her way into the cabin but she barely spared them a glance. They’d get Thea back to Starling. She’d make sure that Oliver’s sister would be safe. But just then Felicity didn’t have anything left to give.

No one bothered her as she headed to the rear of the plane, sinking heavily into a seat as a wave of exhaustion washed over her. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had any real sleep. They’d been going for days on end, catching a few hours here and there, and it was now hitting her all at once.

A memory came unbidden causing her heart to clench in want and pain. She hadn’t slept earlier, but Oliver had.

They hadn’t known how long they had but despite that nothing had felt hurried or rushed. Time had seemed to have bent to their will for once and as they lay there amongst the red and gold linens she’d felt content and safe and happy even if they were in Nanda Parbat.

For just a little while nothing else mattered, the world had fallen away and they were just able to be Oliver and Felicity.

They’d talked and touched, both of them needing the reassurance and the reminders that they were really there. She was warm and loved, a smile permanently etched on her face as she watched Oliver’s eyes begin to droop, the path he’d been drawing up and down her ribs slowing until it stopped altogether and when the first gentle snore broke the silence she’d never felt more at peace.

For an hour she lay as still as possible just watching him sleep. He didn’t move, the exhaustion and stress he’d pushed himself to showing in the strain around his eyes. But slowly he looked relaxed, at ease, calm, something she hadn’t seen in him in so long she’d almost forgotten what it looked like.

That’s when she came up with her plan. As she lay there in the dark with the soft sounds of Nanda Parbat reaching her through the open balcony and the flames from the hundreds of candles continued to throw flickering shadows around the room, she knew she couldn’t give him up without a fight.

The words Ra’s had said to her echoed in her head but in her soul she knew he was wrong. There was always another way. She refused to live in a world where Oliver was forced to give up everything that made him the man she loved.

It was crazy and risky and could very possibly lead to their deaths. She had no tech and no plan but what she did know was that Oliver would not go willingly, he’d already sacrificed himself for his sister, for him there was no way out.

When he woke up he did so in an instant, eyes springing open, clear and aware. But when they landed on her they softened. “Hey,” he’d whispered in that soft tone that always made her toes curl.

He’d pressed one more quiet kiss to her lips and then rolled from the bed. She made her way to the opulent bathroom, finding a robe in her size hanging on the back of the door. She didn’t want to know who thought to place it there.

Hands shaking she grabbed her jacket and a small vial of the powder she’d seen the priestess use to subdue Thea earlier. Oliver was dressed and on the balcony when she moved out of view and grabbed up a decanter and two glasses, dumping the vial into one glass before she could second guess herself.

She couldn’t lose him.

It was a mantra playing through her head, establishing a new cadence for her heart to beat to.

It was that thought that made her follow through. That didn’t let her flinch when he fell to the floor in a heap. That directed her to get dressed as quickly as she could, even pulling on his socks and boots, grateful he’d put his own clothes on before she’d knocked him out. Then she’d gotten Digg and Malcolm and for a few minutes she thought they’d had a chance.

And then it had all gone to hell and he was saying goodbye.

But not the actual words because neither of them could do that again.

As the plane lifted off she turned away from the window, unable to watch him disappear beneath her.

She wasn’t going to give up.

Ra’s might have not fought for his family, but she would.

She would get Oliver back.

She would bring him home too.

Her threats hadn’t been mere posturing, or the hysterical empty words of a woman in love. She had a backbone of steel and if she needed to bring a war to the doorstep of the Demon’s Head then war she would bring.

Even if the Demon’s Head was Oliver himself.


“Whoa, Y/N cleans up nice. Right, Cas?” Charlie asked, grinning over at his awestruck expression and sending a playful elbow to his side. “I feel like Sixpence None The Richer should be playing in the background right now. That’s from a movie where–”

“I understood that reference,” Cas murmured, stopping Charlie. He had eyes only for you as you descended the staircase. He held his hand out to you, helping you down the last few stairs until you reached the bottom, and still he kept his gentle hold on you.

“Where is this thing anyway? This affair we’re supposed to crash?” you asked, trying to hide your blush. Cas had to blink a few times before he realized your question had been directed at him.

“I don’t remember,” he replied softly, feeling as though he’d actually forgotten every single thing he’d ever known except for how you looked, and how your smile touched him, how your hand felt in his. Behind the two of you, it was all Charlie could do to keep from squealing out loud, a wide smile plastered over her face.