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Theme # 6 - Howdy Doody theme

another theme i whipped up *jazz hands*

options include 

  • 400px / 500px posts
  • sidebar left / right / top
  • bottom image left / right
  • bolded / unbolded links
  • buttons or 8 button menu navigation (or neither)
  • show / hide captions, title, and tags
  • a couple different font options
  • 4 options for the size of the sidebar pic
  • two pic options for the top sidebar, and the option to round them
  • and lots of color options

hmu neurodivergentkillua with any questions


sunrise or sunset?

sunset (top left), sunset (top right),

sunrise (middle left), sunrise (middle right),

sunrise (bottom left), sunrise (bottom right)


Davenport Hall Dormitory: Part 1/2

Going from top to bottom and left to right, the exterior, a hallway, dining room and kitchen, another hallway, and a small computer lab.

I remade one of the dormitory lots in the university world, but I sort of hate it. :| I was attempting to achieve an old liberal arts-y vibe (for the building’s back story, I was thinking that perhaps it functioned as something else originally but became a bit run-down and derelict, but eventually the university bought it and turned it into a dormitory); however, the interior came out all sorts of wrong.

Let me know if you still want it, spladoum. I won’t blame you if not, haha. :)

Letters to Gajeel

I do not own fairy tail, the rights or the characters.  


“Well?”  Lily was quickly getting aggravated that I wasn’t sharing.

I started to look at every envelop to see the same messly scribbled name in the top left corner. “Shrimp.”  I said, still confused.

“Hm.” He grinned.  “Are you going to read them?”  He asked now extremely curious.  He leaned over surprised to see how full the box was.

“Well I think they’re numbered.” I said noticing a small ‘23’ in the bottom right corner.

“So find number 1.”  

“Watch out Lil, curiosity killed the cat. I laughed slightly while putting them in numerical order.

After about an hour the mysterious letters were in order.  Lets see what Shrimp wanted. I ripped open the envelope and unfolded the piece of paper.  Letters?  Why would she write that many? It was a short letter.  Good I don’t have time for anything longer than a page.

Dear Gajeel,

I heard that you too were leaving Magnolia.  I know that you won’t be getting this until you get thrown in jail or a hospital.  I don’t think it will be too long though.  I am packing, well not right this instant but today I am packing.  Fairy Hills is closing in two days and I have to get all of my books out.  I’m about 75% through but I don’t where to put them.  It is really devastating to be honest.  I hope that I won’t have to get rid of too many of them.  Anyway, I hope you are well and safe.


Levy McGarden

“Well, what did it say?” Levy kept asking.

“Just sayin’ hi I guess.”  I shrugged off Lilly going to the second one.

Dear Gajeel,

Well I’m out of Fairy Hills.  I’m actually on my way to my new job.  I was informed yesterday that I was offered a job at Crocus’ library!  It’s perfect I will be with a ton of books day in and day out!  It’s not as exciting as the guild was but I think it will be good.

I heard Natsu vanished.  I know that went from one end of the spectrum to the other real quick but its been on my mind a lot and I am on a trian.  He said he would be back in a year, poor Lucy.  I guess I just feel bad for her.  Well I’m starving so I am gonna go get some snacks.


Levy McGarden

“What about that one?” Lily jumped.  

“Just sayin’ hi.” I said putting the letter back in the envelope.

“No.  You said that for the last one.  What did it say? That she looooves you?”  He laughed.

“You sound like that blue furball. And no!  She was on her way to Crocus for her job there. Happy now?” I snapped at Lily.

“Yes.” He nodded.  “Now read the next one.  Aloud this time so you’ll be honest.”  He said.  

“Fine. It’s not like yer not snoopin’ anyways, damn cat.”  Lily huffed but still moved over to get comfy in Gajeel’s uninjured -miraculously- shoulder.

Dear Gajeel,

Crocus is huge!  I didn’t know just how big this city was during the games and thank god!  I have been here for two weeks and just am starting to find my way around.  I never knew how busy a city could be either.  I thought it was just uber busy due to the games but no!  It is always that busy.  It is definitely not a place you would be a fan of though.  There are people everywhere!  Well I gotta get back to work, which is great by the way.  


Levy McGarden

“See, just sayin’ hi” Lily wanted more drama from the letters.

“Well you have to read all of them.” Lily snapped back

Dear Gajeel,

I finally finished organizing my apartment!  It only took me six weeks.  I’m just glad I am done lugging my books around.  Speaking Of books, we just got a huge shipment.  800 or more books on Fiore’s history.  Guess who had to organize it all then go home and organize her own books!  ME!  I shouldn’t complain atleast I have a job and a place to stay.


Levy McGarden

As he finished the short letter the Ella walked back in.

I start tech tomorrow and I splurged on a fancy bag recently, so have a picture of my tech bag, tumblr!

Top Row:

Clipboard, black pants & belt, black long-sleeve shirt & tank, black knit hat/leg warmers/muffler (because this theater is cold af and I have poor circulation).

Middle Row:

Flashlight (in convenient belt-pouch), personal lightweight headset (perks of your BFF working for CoachCom), Keds with insoles (seriously invest in some insoles! your feet will thank you), black socks.

Bottom Row/RIght Side:

Headlamp, Multi-tool (also in convenient belt-pouch), work gloves (pink because tiny hands #boobingatthehardwarestore), ditty bag with my name on it (so I can wash my socks & tank with the show laundry and my socks don’t disappear into costume storage), apron (best thing EVER), crochet project (because this is a park-and-bark musical revue with 12 props & no scenic or costume changes and I am gonna be HELLA bored backstage for 10 hours tomorrow).

Not pictured: laptop+charger & all the stuff that’s already at the theater (including my mini-kit, which is personal office supplies, stopwatch, blocking template, etc, my water bottle, my coffee mug, my delicious cherry tea, and my script).

I used to carry all this mishigas in like… a reusable grocery bag but I decided to splurge on something a little classier looking that also zips shut (the size large canvas tote from Lands End, if anyone was wondering). I could have gotten it personalized but all the font options looked too soccer-mom-at-the-beach. Womp.

I always wear my street clothes to the theater for my show call and change into my blacks once I’m there. I like to think of it as getting into costume/also I’m lazy/also I have a day job/also I like to feel like a “normal” person pre- and post-show. I’ll store my bag in the SM office or in a locker if the theater has those (I love it when the theater has those!), and that way I can wash my blacks a lot more frequently than if I was taking them home with me. I don’t do enough laundry and/or own enough pairs of black socks to take them home.


Some of the cosplays (minus the bottom right, regular selfie lol) I’m wearing to Sakura-Con next week.

I’ll mostly be the cafe/anteiku uniform Kaneki and improvise my own outfit with the mask and eyepatch.

Lady Satsuki on Saturday ~ I still have to work on the sword a bit - it’s a sword I already own from my old Taekwondo days but I’m adding the tassels to it - and I need to add the white hair pins.

If you see me at Sakura-Con my badge will have “Victor” on it! No longer Ashe.


At home, at work or by the pool!
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