Jaded In Chicago Interviews Masked Intruder

Do you ever worry that your true identities might be revealed with the continued success of your band?

Green – I think our true identities are revealed.

Yellow – This is who I am, this is my true identity. It’s not a secret, man.

Blue – Yeah, that’s true. A lot of people ask us, “What’s your true identity? Are you a janitor? Are you a dad? Are you a dancer? Who are you?” We’re all of the above, right? We’re dancing dad janitors.

Red – If anybody asks, we’re Teenage Bottlerocket.

Having a Blast
  • Having a Blast
  • Teenage Bottlerocket
  • Having a Blast - Single

Teenage Bottlerocket “Having A Blast” Single from 2008
A cover of Green Day’s same song off of the album Dookie

I figured I should post this cause not only are they my favorite band covering another one of my favorite band’s songs, but because this is actually a fantastic cover.

Without You
  • Without You
  • Teenage Bottlerocket
  • They Came From The Shadows

It’s hard when everything around reminds me of you,
I still miss your eyes, your smile, and all of your tattoos,
And those nights we talked for hours on the phone,
But now you’re gone and I feel so all alone here without you.

Fall for Me
  • Fall for Me
  • Teenage Bottlerocket
  • Total

Teenage Bottlerocket | Fall For Me

Never thought that hanging out was gonna give me a feeling like this.
Never thought you would take my heart,
I had a feeling that you wouldn’t accept it.

It’s totally cool that you and I are gonna spend a lot of time together.
We’ll do anything that you want, stay at home or do whatever.

When you wake, I want to wake up right beside you.
When you laugh, I want to be the one who made you.
If you’re cold, I’ll let you wear my Ramones sweatshirt.
If you fall, I’m gonna make sure that you’re not hurt.
Wont you fall, fall for me.