pixelpoe said:

Have you ever done a challenge run of some sort in a Pokemon game? Nuzlocke, egglocke, the new Wonderlocke etc.

I have done a couple Nuzlockes (working on one in my extra X file which has been going well (only one Pokemon lost, but that was after only a few minutes of having her, so I wasn’t attached), have one in Platinum (all my Pokemon are named after food in it), and will likely do one in one of my Hoenn games), and I have an Egglocke started in one of my Heart Gold files (my Aerodactyl has been kicking butt).

Maybe when I finish my Nuzlocke in my extra X file, I’ll consider a Wonderlocke or a Wedlocke! Or maybe I’ll do something on HGSS and have people randomly select Pokemon for me to use through a random number generator and a post here (Tumblrlocke, Asklocke?).

Poe: Hehehe xD ahh yes chevre is cutee! Except i had her since the beginning and want someone new ahaha and she is in my wild world town as well xD
Kei: I’ll pass Bob to ya, kei! ^0^//

pixelpoe said:

Probopass, Throh, and Sawk. 3 Pokemon I personally dislike haha.

I don’t really like any of those three Pokemon myself, ahaha. However, I think I can figure this out.

Team: Probopass (As weird as Probopass may be, it has a moustache. It is a Pokemon with facial hair. I want to enter it in all the contests and put bows on its facial hair, and make it a viking.)

PC: Sawk (socks keep my feet warm. I know that socks don’t actually relate to Sawk, but I still can nickname it Socks.)

Release: Throh (throw cushions aren’t as cool as socks)


bottledpoe replied to your post: Some ideas that I have for buttons. I …

I think you should put the opposite colours as the background on some. The Goomy Line and Mareep in particular look drowned out with the purple and yellow background. Goomy line should have a yellow background, Mareep a purple one or similar.

Thank you, this is awesome constructive criticism I can use! ;///; I was worried they might be a little too drowned out. I’ll try using more complementary colours to get those Pokemon to really pop out.

pixelpoe said:

Awhile back I think you posted a few pictures of your OC trainer, unless I'm mistaken. Can you post them again?

Yep, sure thing! c:

I have posted a few pics of my OC trainer. I haven’t made her an official ref myself, but I have some really nice pics of her.

I am going to start tagging my OC trainer as “trainer azure” so she is easier to find. I might start a new tag too for all my characters that I do post here.

pixelpoe said:

Hi, I was just wondering if you had any samples of your custom Pokemon plushies you've made? I'm interested in the evo contest, and would love to see your work.

I meant to include some with my original contest post, but I decided to hold off until I complete my Skitty plush (I just need to finish the ears), or my Masha (from Tokyo Mew Mew). Unfortunately, I give away a lot of my plushies to friends, and often forget to take photos of them before giving them away. I do have a couple examples of my work though (please excuse the poor picture quality):

Above is a plushie that I made as a Christmas gift, which isn’t a Pokemon, but it is the largest I have made, and the most recent example I have.

And that is a Ponyta plush that I did remember to take photos of before giving away. However, it is one of my earlier plushies. The Skitty I am currently making is made of minky rather than fleece. I also would like to note that I put wire in some of my plushies, making them poseable! The Ponyta’s legs have wire, and the jaw for the purple one has wire so he can bite you.

For those that haven’t seen it yet, here is the information for the contest that I am holding, where you can win a custom plush!