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She is too old for ignorance to be a valid excuse. She is ignorant, but she is old enough to go and educate herself if she wanted to. Ignorance also does not excuse her behaviors especially because she hasn’t apologized for most of it.

No people are throwing around big words and calling her all these names when in reality what it is political correctness to the extreme. Not to mention that Tumblr needs their own damn trigger warning because everything they see in the media is either racist or homophobic or bigotted. Half of the things she says aren’t serious and she’s a humorous person. I highly doubt she has a biggoted agenda hidden somewhere underneath her bed. I’ve had this argument plenty of times before trust me. My stance on her is still the same. I find her lovely and she’s talented very much so and she’s worked hard for what she has. So you can sit here and hate on her all you want meanwhile she’s living her dreams and making millions so… the joke is really on you.


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she is really ableist tho …

Being ignorant is not the same thing as being abelist or racist or anything else they call her. She didn’t finish school and I honestly don’t believe she does it knowingly… and even then people read into everything she says and hate on her because she’s the next big thing. I adore her and she’s one of my favorite people in the media rn so yep.

If anyone knows who originally made this Kitty Renaissance mashup, please leave me a note, I’d like to credit whoever made me laugh so hard. I saw it at Saxy’s Stuff tumblrblog, (courtesy of Art History X), but it was all one vertical strip.  I reformatted the images into a more horizontal grid so that I could share it with my Facebook friends. 


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ur totally right she should get a free pass to say and do offensive things bc she is “living the dream” alright alrightalright alrightalright alrightalright alrightalright alrightalright alrightalright alright

FOR FUCKS SAKE THOUGH! LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SAID ANYTHING OFFENSIVE IN YOUR DAMN LIFE? Like I’m sorry but she’s not perfect and you know what some of the thing she says may be problematic and yes she’s ignorant in many ways but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s worked hard to get to where she is and over analyzing every single sentence she says does what for you exactly? Nothing… it simply allows you to create more made up excuses to hate her. Like I said I doubt she says things knowingly and in her head she’s simply being humorous like if you listen to her interviews and watch her she has no malicious intent. That’s what I’m trying to get at she doesn’t say things to be intentionally hurt she might be because people have sticks up their asses