Fortune Teller Realness in Candy Strike

Do the creep and take a peep at my totally sickening look!! Yesterday I went to the Toronto show of RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of the Seasons; the show was the perfect excuse to dress up and go for a dramatic and campy look. I’m totally in love with this outfit because I’m serving up bad ass, fortune teller realness! The main attraction of this look really is my dress, I picked it up from Candy-Strike a few months ago, but this was the first occasion I found to wear it. This is the long-sleeved Ghost Girl maxi dress. I paired this dress with my Hell Bunny Ouija cardigan to keep warm, but I can’t wait for spring so I can wear this dress on it’s own. If you peeped the link and noticed it was not the exact same dress I’m in, have no fear, it’s a better spring-time version! Candy-Strike currently offers a short sleeved, slightly different version of the Ghost Girl, that’s equally as killer as this one. This dress is totally fierce, totes comfy, and light weight for a maxi. I love the attention to detail with the screen-printed, distressed skulls. Not into maxi dresses? Candy-Strike also sells a shorted skater dress version of this dress. If you love them, grab them up now, because once Candy-Strike’s unique, handcrafted designs sell out, they rarely come back. I finished my look off with a turban-style head-wrap, some necklaces, and dramatic make-up. I’ve been dying to try a turban look, but I wasn’t 100% sure I could pull it off. I’m glad I gave it a go and am excited to try other head wraps now. The scarf used for the turban is a scarf I’ve blogged about in the past. It’s my favorite scarf and is covered in triangles and eyes! I picked it up last year at ASOS, so it’s no longer available :(. However, you’re not totally out of luck, because last week I did creep a shorter version of this scarf in-store at Ardene.

IG - Fatshionpeepshow

TW - Fatshionpeepsho

The Random Darknet Shopper, an automated online shopping bot with a budget of $100 a week in Bitcoin, is programmed to do a very specific task: go to one particular marketplace on the Deep Web and make one random purchase a week with the provided allowance. The purchases have all been compiled for an art show in Zurich, Switzerland titled The Darknet: From Memes to Onionland, which runs through January 11.

The concept would be all gravy if not for one thing: the programmers came home one day to find a shipment of 10 ecstasy pills, followed by an apparently very legit falsified Hungarian passport– developments which have left some observers of the bot’s blog a little uneasy.

If this bot was shipping to the U.S., asks Forbes contributor and University of Washington law professor contributor Ryan Calo, who would be legally responsible for purchasing the goodies? The coders? Or the bot itself?

App store ranking manipulation employee

A photo, tweeted on Weibo, of a woman sitting in front of an array iPhone 5Cs, with the caption app store ranking manipulation employee offers a glimpse of the workforce behind online Chinese services, that for a high price, can get you into the top ten rankings of the iTunes app store. The woman’s job would be to download, install, and uninstall specific apps over and over again to boost App Store rankings. Some IOS developers are also known to fraudulently use bots to do this


Google Translate Bot Discussion

We fed our phones one random sentence, using the impromptu text-to-speech translation feature within the Google Translate app. Then left them to discuss…

The kept talking for 15 minutes and more if left alone. The messages were from completely senseless to utterly terrifying. (e.g. “I am aware of who I am’)

[via interweb3000]


Twitter-bot death threats and the police

Jeffry Van Der Goot had a twitter-bot that was a Markov-ebooks type, remixing his own personal twitter profile, “it takes all my tweets I’ve ever made, takes random chunks of it and tries to make new sentences that make sense”. The bot somehow rearranged his words in a way that would read as a death threat. That ‘death-threat’ tweet also mentioned a twitter user: another bot, making it sound like the bot was sending a death-threat to another bot. The police detected the death threat and visited the programmer, to investigate the threat. After having to explain that the bot is not him, and that the sentences are semi-random and generative, the police stated that it was his responsibility… “But apparently *I’m* responsible for what the bot says, since it’s under my name and based on my words.”

A robot deployed on the dark web over the past few weeks has bought a pair of fake Diesel jeans, a baseball cap with a hidden camera, a stash can, a pair of Nike trainers, a decoy letter (used to see if your address is being monitored), 200 Chesterfield cigarettes, a set of fire-brigade issued master keys, a fake Louis Vuitton handbag, and 10 ecstasy pills. Who is legally liable?

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