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Swiggins bots in Awesomenauts sure are good at finding people.

welcome to lauren's autumn blog of the season results

this was soooo difficult, i didn’t anticipate my very first blog of (well, anything) the season to take off as much as it did, and it was insanely hard to pick from the amazing 100+ blogs that entered, but remember that you’re all wonderful and winners in my heart :) now, without further ado, drum roll please…

lauren's autumn bots winner

owsald // gabbi’s blog is actual perfection and she’s a total sweetheart; honestly, if you’re not following her, i have no idea what to tell you because you are surely missing out. everything is perfect from her theme to her posts to her x

lauren's autumn bots runner ups

*in no particular order (and i know i said two but i couldn’t pick alright)

cybermqn // i recently found miranda’s blog and i have no words; everything is so impeccable and i love it to pieces, like seriously everything is insanely beautiful x

impossiblekaren // mila runs an amazing blog surrounded by a beautiful theme, she’s absolutely wonderful to have on my dash and i always look forward to her presence there x

clararific // jenna’s blog is stunning and she’s one of the friendliest people i’ve met on here, her posts are beautiful and she’s got the personality to match x

goldpond // rachel’s blog is also one that i’ve recently found but fell so in love with - her posts are gorgeous and she’s a lovely person to talk to x

yay! congrats to all the winners and runner ups, and even if you didn’t make it, friendly reminder that you are so important and somebody adores your blog - i promise :)

here's the original post so you can see your prizes :) congrats again! x

☼ don’t delete the text ☼

HEYY GUYSSSS, welcome to my fabulous blog of the summer post! I am so excited to be able to feature one (or maybe two) fabulous blogs throughout the whole summer on my blog to gain loads!

☼ rules ☼

  • mbf me obviously!! (i am checking so)
  • reblog this post a few times (likes ignored/bookmark only)
  • have a perfect blog (similar to my style)

☼ perks ☼

  • featured on my blog for 3 whole months until summer ends!
  • promoted daily/weekly to 8.3k+ (will ensure my coowners do this whilst im gone)
  • html help/blog makeover/banners/advice etc
  • added into whichever networks you like that i admin
  • a new best friend, meee:) i promise i will bother your inbox daily!!

☼ higher chance (or slightly higher at least) ☼

NOTE: i don’t know if i will have a poll or a contest to win - i will only do this if i have several favourites but i assure you i will try to get my sole favourite to make sure you are recommended to the best blog for your summer!

banner by my babe maddieeee

totally worth it so no need for me to look like a loser cos i know you guys will hit reblog! *hint* ;)

lots of love and best of luck, ana!xxx

It is what it says on the tin. Thank you very much to the brilliant billie piper for being the best ever edit person! Yes she made this beauty!

• rules

  • must be following charlie (i do check!)
  • reblog this post to be entered (likes → you will be exterminated)
  • there will be one winner and two runner ups (more may be added based on number of entries)
  • must reach 300 notes or sherlock series four is cancelled (joking….)
  • ends august 30th, results posted on august 31st
  • will last from september 1st through november 30th

• what im looking for 

  • an active blogger who is nice and friendly to their followers
  • a clean theme with a good color scheme
  • nice url and icon
  • a navigation page and tagging system is handy but not needed

• winner receives 

  • +a group promo announcing you’ve won
  • + follow (if not already)
  • +a link in my updates tab for the whole season
  • +unlimited promos for the entire season (upon request)
  • +random promos on blog rates, tumblr awards, etc
  • +fan fic head canons for any ship in any fandom we are in
  • +help with anything you need
  • +all my love and  maybe some pizza…maybe 

• runner ups receives •

  • +a group promo announcing you’ve won
  • +an symbol link in my updates tab for the whole season
  • +up to seven promos for the entire season (upon request)
  • +even more love…maybe some pizza

may the odds be ever in your favour!

  • robots assumed to be unintelligent because they can’t talk
  • robots speaking sign language
  • robots co opting the local electromagnetic field to make electrical equipment talk for them
  • robots who don’t have their own voice and can only speak in snippets of dialogue which year on year become more mashed up and nuanced and like natural speech
  • robots that growl with whirring fans
  • or purr
  • or when they get angry they let of small explosions
  • and let of sighs of hot steam
  • and the aforementioned robots that can affect electromagnetic fields start dreaming and it floats onto nearby tellies
  • the engineers think it’s a malfunction
  • they think most things are malfunctions
  • engineers have little imagination
  • that’s what the robots say to each other when the engineers can’t hear


because summer means no school and sleeping and yummy fruit


  • must be following me
  • reblog only (you can like to bookmark, but it will NOT be counted)
  • must reach 50 notes or so many tears
  • ends June 21st 
  • 1 winner, two runners-up


  • +follow (if not already)
  • unlimited promos upon request 
  • a spot in my sidebar until September 23rd (autumnal equinox)
  • writing/poetry on a given topic upon request (could be a ficlet, poem, etc. whatever on non/fandom things) 
  • love and friendship


  • +follow (if not already)
  • 5 promos upon request
  • a spot in my updates tab until September 23rd 
  • love and friendship

** don’t delete text **

this is a very special 6th botw i believe, it’s a NON POLL BOTW! this will be the first that i do because i have never been able to pick one specifically but this time i will!


  • mbf me and my current botw (checking)
  • reblog this post a few times
  • likes ignored and are for bookmark only
  • be either indie/fresh/tropical


  • loads of new followers (prev botws gained anywhere from 100-300+)
  • promos daily without asking to 9.1k+
  • blog advice/html help/voting help/ anything you need really
  • added into any of the networks i admin
  • a new friend that will bother your ask daily!


  • follow my instagram, polyvore, twitter, glow blog, tropical blog and personal blog for a solo
  • talk to me, i will probably be biased when choosing - i am more likely to pick someone who has gotten to know me and message me than someone who is a stranger
  • botw will be chosen sunday 22nd june and promoted till 29th june
  • banner credit to the lovely berryaloe!

best of luck to you all!

- ana xo

  • you must be following me 
  • reblogs only, likes will not count
  • fandom blogs only
  • must reach 30 notes
  • must reblog by June 30th
how it's going to work
  • there will be one winner and two runner ups.
what I'm looking for
  • a nice url
  • a nice, clean theme
  • quality posts
  • a friendly blogger <3


  • a +follow from me (if not already)
  • a place in my updates tab
  • promos whenever you want throughout the month
  • I’ll vote for you in stuff, help you out etc
  • urlgraphic/graphic of your choice
  • Love you forever and ever!

runner ups

  • a +follow (if not already)
  • all of your blogs will be on my updates bar as little icons ♥ (if I get it done)
  • one promo when you choose (remember to send me an ask ♥)
  • urlgraphic/ graphic of your choice
  • Love you forever and ever!
good luck everyone!