Day 365 ♥

This picture was taken on this day one year ago, June 5, 2010. & a year later, so much & too much has happened & changed between us, but it’s for the better. I didn’t realize at this time last year that i would end up where i am with this loser today. But 12 months later, here we are, growing stronger everyday. People don’t really understand us or what we do & why we do it, but who cares what they think ? Honestly, we have a good thing going. Sometimes we may seem totally crazy or just mad, but don’t worry about us. We don’t give up that easily. Everyday we try & try to deepen our bond not only between us, but with God as well. & i’m not gonna lie, it hasn’t been easy–either of us can tell you that–but it’s been a learning process that is well worth it. In this past year with this boy, I’ve learned a lot about him as well as myself, & he’s also fixed up what was torn before. I thank him very much for that. He’s helped me & picked me up when i was down so many times, & i think i would’ve just exploded if he weren’t there to remind me of God’s promises or to cheer me on. With everything that i go through with school & my family, he keeps me sane. Some people think that he does a lot more of putting me down than up, but that’s not the case. It’s so much more than that. It’s surprising me at 8am by throwing rocks at my window. It’s picking me up from school when he’s able to. It’s pushing me to try harder & to believe in myself. It’s going to Ghengis Khan twice within 30 minutes because we’re fat. It’s us taking out one of my best girlfriends because we love her.  It’s going to skyline with cookies & hot chocolate so we can watch the sunset. It’s getting scared watching movie trailers & getting a nosebleed in the theater. It’s dragging me to Poly so he can pick up his diploma & brag about his school to me. It’s going to Disneyland, only to end up going to California Adventure & riding California Screamin’ 10 times in a day. It’s being rushed at the airport gates & waiting 4 weeks to say what we really mean & to just see each other again. It’s having our patience tested & coming out safe. It’s all that, & so much more. So despite what others may think or see on the outside, there’s a lot more to us than what meets the eye. & i’m okay with that, because we know what’s really up. It’s only been a year, but it’s felt like forever. It’s a year well worth the blood, sweat, & tears. I’m only hoping that this new year is better & filled with more of God’s Spirit & presence between us. Thanks for everything babe. I love you, & happy one year <3

You won’t see this in your friend’s medicine cabinet…

The World’s First Toothpaste. Invented in 1755 by Dr. Julien Botot for King Louis XV of France. It is recognized by The Royal Society of Medicine as a Superior Natural Product. Original French Formula/Made in Italy.

  • This toothpaste has a fantastic Ginger & Anise flavor!
  • Anti-Plaque
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Original French Formula Made in Italy

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Il colluttorio rinfresca l’alito e protegge la salute dei nostri nostri denti. Noi amiamo le formule dai sapori desueti e il packaging di design, perché anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte…

Buy online: Colluttorio Aesop 500 ml  € 20 Cosa: Colluttorio alla menta verde con le lievi note di anice e chiodi di garofano, senza alcol. In vendita presso Bar à Parfums.

Buy onlineBotot Eau de Bouche 150 ml € 15 Cosa: Colluttorio a base di erbe.

Buy onlineMarvis Colluttorio Concentrato 120 ml € 10 Cosa: Formula delicata senza alcool adatto per un uso frequente all’aroma di menta piperita americana ed erbe aromatiche dolci. Dove: Per una lista dei punti vendita contattare Marvis.

Buy onlineRose Concentrated Mouthwash Floris  100 ml £35 Cosa: un colluttorio che contiene un concentrato di acqua di rosa che dona un aroma inusuale, per donna e uomo. Dove: Per una lista dei punti vendita contattare il distributore per l’Italia Calé.

Colluttorio: anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte Il colluttorio rinfresca l'alito e protegge la salute dei nostri nostri denti. Noi amiamo le formule dai sapori desueti e il packaging di design, perché anche l'occhio vuole la sua parte…
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Certains sont déjà centenaires mais toujours présents et connaissent même un retour d’affection  d’un public lassé des mensonges de la pub, et des ficelles du marketing, ils bénéficient tous du courant « c’était mieux avant », qui n’est pas dépourvu de bons sens,  voici cinq incontournables  dont la réputation n’est plus à faire. ( la suite )


BOTOT is the world’s first mouthwash, invented in 1755 by Dr. Julien Botot for King Louis XV of France. With a natural gillyflower (clove family) base, this mouthwash is an elixir – a few drops in a glass of warm water and a gargle will do the trick. One bottle will almost last you forever! It contains no artificial flavours or colours, is cruelty free, and it is recognized by The Royal Society of Medicine as a Superior Natural Product. 

Csehország ötven darab nagyméretű sátrat küld Magyarországra, hogy ezzel segítsen a bevándorlók elszállásolásában.
—  Ez kicsit olyan, mint amikor a Nagy Generációban Cserhalmi a disszidálása után küld egy botot az itthon maradt haverjainak, hogy azzal üthessék a nyomát.

Egyszer csak felkerekedtem,
A hátamra zsákot vettem,
Botot vágtam száraz fáról,
Elmentem erről a tájról,
Mentem, mentem, mendegéltem
Mindenfelé ahol éltem.