Taka's 1000-Count Follow Forever \(^o^)/

"Mendokusee" (Too bothersome).

Was what discouraged me from being an active user despite stalking the site for 2 years. But thanks to a certain someone who offered to help me design my blog, I became sucked by this inescapable realm called Tumblr.

So last July, I finally decided to become active, and the rest was history.  (@´_`@)

So to the 1006 people who chose to follow me, arigatougozaimasu! Itsumo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! 

And thus, here’s my follow forever! Those in bold are special people to me for a lot of reasons. ^^




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The ones with stars are people I really respect and look up to either for their strong personality, sassiness,  godly art, or critical mind.

To the ones with hearts, you’ve been with me through ups and downs, and I couldn’t thank you enough. I love you guys.

To my ZnT comrades, lmao, you know who you are. I hope we continue to be comrades despite the end of the series.

To the two people who’ve been teaching me Japanese, thank you for being patient with me. XD

Ah—and the one who got the (◡‿◡✿) is the one who pushed to Tumblr hell. I hate you. (lol. of course I love you. *glomps* Kudos for your hard work in hq scans. ^^)

(goes to say that all of these people are cool. do try checking their blogs!)

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anonymous said:

I don't understand this whole idea of this kind of back handed compliment of asking someone how they're so comfortable with themselves? like what? are you saying, that they normally shouldn't be? Is it bothersome to see a young black woman being beautiful and comfortable with herself? I don't understand people.

thats exactly how I’m feeling.

like I don’t see any reason why I have to look in the mirror and be anything but pleased with at least most of what I see. Not to say I don’t have any “flaws" or things I’d like to work on but even those things I try to celebrate and show love to because why the fuck not. Why be miserable about shit about yourself that you hate when there’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much of you that you can love to such a degree that the other things start to seem like not even a big deal because guess what, they aren’t. 

like im cute af what exactly is there not to love? that shit isn’t imaginary, I’m not making my cuteness up, there’s proof of this shit, scientific fucking evidence lol. Maybe, i'm tripping but It seems like such a redundant question.

For the record.

I’m currently on a diet and have joined an exercise study.  I will be blogging about these things a lot.  On my blog.  This is in no way, shape or form a value judgement on anyone else and their level of exercise or dieting.  This is about me, my body, and my blog.  I will most likely tag all of these items with ‘Sahnin’s Diet’ or ‘Exercise Study’.  Feel free to Tumblr savior said tags.  If I forget to tag something, feel free to nudge me, I don’t bite.  Or unfollow me if blogging about my personal dieting and exercise posts are bothersome. It’s fine, no hard feelings, you do what is emotionally healthy for no, no sweat.

Contrary to the doctor’s demands, he was having a smoke. If the pack in his pocket and the pipes around his home didn’t tell him that he was a smoker, the nagging feeling he got certainly did, though with his hair flat and his head bandaged he didn’t quite look like his usual self.

When someone took the seat next to him, he turned and looked for a moment- not frowning for once, just looking.

"Do I know you?" It sounded flat out rude even in tone, but it was actually a genuine question. The fact that he couldn’t recall anything was bothersome and frustrating in itself, especially as people began to pity him and he didn’t know what to believe in.

I’ve stuck through every
brass silence, I see
the bleeding Hurt you to
Hurt me ideas float by, and
every night I sleeplessly wonder
about colors, pillow colors and
curls and the many curves
and bends of the silences,
Colors of a longing heart
on the sidelines, squashed
down upon, like the blue ovaled
death of the Carrion beetle

Time carries me away alone
with rare question or concern

My heart begged out for a hand to hold
today and wept when felt it was just
bothersome, an ill-timed constant —

I surrendered need and let every word
bleed dry.

I Held My Own Hand and Gave
its time~

heres howw evverythings going to go dowwn *rubbed his hands together in excitement*
evvery hour on the hour  ill post literally wwhatevver im thinkin of or doing at that moment
wwhy you ask *shrug* to keep this energy going til midnight  naturally

ill be answwerin asks both old and neww
maybe evven throww in some answwers from in-real-life/facebook wwho havve asked me things in the past etcetc etcetera

ill try my best to space out my answwers n wwhatnot so i dont seem bothersome to those wwho are up the tags im using but
no promises *laughs*

and if i could  id be totally sharin my snacks n such wwith evveryone right noww  this is a chill and lax day evven though im a bit sick  lets make it so eh

HOORAH for october


anonymous said:

Are you still planning on posting the Solangelo first time fic? Sorry if I'm being pushy or bothersome I just felt like asking :) I love your writing style it's absolutely fantastic.

yes im gonna put up the solangelo first time fic up i dont know when though, ur not being bothersome at all i love when people are interested and ask questions about my fics 

and thank you so much 

Question for the mommies of tumblr

Did you guys experience incredible exhaustion in the 3rd trimester?
It’s really bothersome to me because, here i am getting blessed with 12 hour nights of sleep and i don’t like it
Why? Because im sleepy throughout the day anyway! Like at any moment i could go back to sleep! It’s ridiculous to me…
And when I wake up from these comas its like i was buried underground for weeks! My head is foggy for hours and throbbing. My eyes hurt. And it’s a miracle i can even focus on how to make my coffee. Basically even tho i get a long nights rest of 12 hours my mind does not join the world for another 2.
It’s annoying to me also because I’d love to spend the evening with my love instead of passing out at 9 :/
Anyway enough of my rambling, I’d really like some mothers out there to let me know their experiences with this,if they did anything to prevent it,etc.
Thank you lovelies :)