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(Don't know if you've already done this but) #1 NALU PLSSS (sorry if this is bothersome) (つД`)ノ

1. soulmates au.

“What was it like?” 

Lucy leaned forward with keen interest, her chin resting in the palms of her hands. Levy’s cheeks flushed as Lucy assessed every tiny detail in the light of her auburn eyes. She couldn’t possibly hope to ascertain the feeling. Love. What did it feel like? How did it feel to say the name of your fated person on your lips? Lucy squirmed with delight at the thought.

“I-It was, I don’t know, like magic?” Levy twisted a strand of hair around her finger, her eyes flitting this way and that. “One minute a book was falling towards me, the next I was looking into this fierce red eyes. And then the gemstones started to glow. We both stood there in awe for a moment and then the strangest thing seemed to happen. It was like thunder with no sound. Time slowed to a halt. It felt like I’d known him all my life. And then I realised I had. I realised we’d loved before and that we’d love again. His name echoed through my mind, over and over, until finally I just knew.”

Levy toyed with the beautiful sapphire around her neck as she continued on with her story, its light brilliant even in the glow of lights hanging over their heads. Lucy pulled at the silver bracelet on her wrist. The citizens of Earthland were each given their own unique gemstone at birth to guide them to their fated person. She swept her thumb over the topaz stone on her wrist. If only finding that person wasn’t so damn difficult. 

“I’m so jealous!” she threw her arms up in despair, “I’ve read all about this ‘love’ before but I’ve never, ever felt it. What if I never find my soulmate?”

“Lot’s of people never find their soulmates,” Levy gestured to the surrounding tables, “Some of the couples here found love with each other despite the fact they’re not ‘destined’ to be together. You’ll find someone, Lu. You deserve happiness.”

The restaurant seemed suddenly alive with couples, young and old. Lucy hadn’t noticed when they’d first set foot inside, but now every table seemed to have a happy couple there. 

The sound of a struggle spilled out through the kitchen doorway, strategically placed beside the fire exit. All eyes turned on the young man who raced out, smoke billowing after him. Lucy choked back the stench of something burning as he rushed through the crowded room. She couldn’t help but find him attractive, even with the tips of his pink hair singed by what appeared to be a kitchen fire. 

The scarf formerly wrapped around his neck, no doubt the hazard, tumbled to the ground as he threw the double doors leading out of the building open. What little air made it through the doors gave them a slight reprieve from the choking scent of smoke. She paid no mind to the workers that came rushing after him, each giving his own apology for the trouble.

“He must be new here,” she heard Levy say. “I’ve never seen him before… ah, Lu?”

Lucy was out of her seat in an instant. She snatched the scarf up off the ground and quickly trailed after its owner. Her chest felt tight as she bolted after him. She caught sight of him at the end of the street. He turned suddenly, his eyes wide. She saw him slap a hand to his chest, searching for the scarf in her hands. When she finally caught up to him, the street seemed to blur out of existence.

“Y-you dropped this,” she thrust the scarf out towards him. “It’s important to you, isn’t it? That’s why you didn’t take it off in the kitchen. You should be more careful with your…”

She realised he wasn’t looking at the scarf but, in fact, the glowing stone on her wrist. He pulled a chain from beneath his shirt, a chain with a glowing gemstone of his own. A fluttering sensation undulated through her, warm and light, as though she might float into the sky at any moment. He took the scarf from her hands, slow and gentle, his eyes fixed permanently onto hers. At long last she’d found him, the person destined to stay by her side for eternity. Time and space seemed twist on itself, tearing the fabric of everything she’d once known to shreds. His face was pulled into focus.

He caught strands of her hair that lifted with the sudden breeze. The way he looked into her eyes told thousand stories of countless lives long since past. It was just as Levy had told it. They’d known each other all their lives. In every life. For as long as she could remember.

“I finally found you,” she whispered, “Natsu Dragneel.”

“Lucy…” his smile was dazzling. “You’re here.”

“Of course,” she wiped tears from her eyes, “I told you, didn’t I? It’s always more fun when we’re together.”

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even though it's kinda bothersome, izaya cant say he hates when they run out of condoms and shizuo accidentally comes inside of him; he pretends to be annoyed and scolds shizuo for it but it secretly turns him on.

I NEVER SAW THIS but omg i agree……

I think it’s actually been a serious blow to Hussie to spend so much time on break. I’m glad he took time for himself to catch up and I wouldn’t want anyone to push themselves too far. If he needed it, then he should have taken it. That’s non-negotiable. 

However, I think it’s really hurt the reception of the story because no matter what, any fast paced story-telling is going to seem out of place and disjointed now. People are balking at this upd8 because it’s so “out of place” and seems very deux ex machina when in theory it’s about time for some clever fast-paced montage. The problem is, having a year off gave people a long time to solidify their own headcanons, predictions, even to forget the pace and voice of canon. I myself have had lines blurred between what I’ve seen in canon and what I just liked in fanworks.  

Perhaps the most bothersome thing I’ve come across is after the Gigaupd8 I’ve seen people complain that the cast is acting OOC. Shouldn’t the AUTHOR have final say on what is OOC or not? This is again coming from the fact that people have fully decided that their faves act a certain way and this is why. It’s set in stone for them now. They’ve forgotten these are a bunch of kids who are still malleable and can still make mistakes or maybe even change their minds once in a while.

In short, let the story continue as it should have without throwing a fit if something doesn’t sit right with you - ships, characterizations, events, whatever. Hussie’s done a brilliant job so far of explaining things and fleshing them out in due time if it’s relevant. Please try to remember that and keep an open mind, especially now that we’re in the final stretch.

I’m just gonna put something out there

Asexuality isn’t the same as aromanticism. Aromanticism (and the entire spectrum, but I’m not going to get into that right now) are constantly thrown under the label of asexuality, but they’re not the same.

Asexuality is lack of sexual attraction. This just means that you don’t want to do sexual things with someone when you see them. That’s all it is. It has nothing to do with dating or romantic attraction. A person can be asexual and still be romantically attracted to people. 

Aromanticism is lack of romantic attraction. This means that you don’t want to date someone in a romantic way. That’s what it is. It has nothing to do with doing sexual things.

I know that both asexuality and aromanticism aren’t that well known–and aromanticism may be even less known than asexuality–but please, please try not to mix use one as a substitute for the other. Don’t say “I think you two would be cute together, but one of you is asexual so it wouldn’t work.” Even if one of the people is aromantic as well as asexual, please say “aromantic,” not “asexual.” 

Yes, there are people like me, who are aromantic as well as asexual. That doesn’t mean that the term “asexual” can be used instead of “aromantic” when describing my romantic orientation or describing anything to do with my romantic orientation. Many asexuals aren’t aromantic. Many aromantics aren’t asexual. Please stop using “asexual” as a synonym for “aromantic.”

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just out of sheer curiosity why don't you like ereri??? sorry if im being bothersome you dont have to answer i was just wondering

I hate answering this stuff because it inevitably sounds like hate but I keep getting asked this so maybe this will stop those questions lmao. 

disclaimer: I dont intend this as hate because everyone should ship as they please. 

but as to why I dont personally ship it; I consider eren x levi to be a crack ship because it will never happen in canon, and there’s just no way I see a teenager and a 30+ year old man having a healthy and functional romantic or sexual relationship, particularly when they have really no significant relationship with each other outside of captain + subordinate or mentor + student. that’s not to say there’s no meaningful or important feelings between eren and levi, and when levi tells eren he’s sorry he’s always the one who has to fight in the recent chapters, I got a little teary tbh - but generally I see their relationship restricted to their working life, there’s not really a significant or typical friendship there, particularly not one that would provide a foundation for romance. 

the whole gross age difference and waxing poetic about how age doesn’t really matter when its “love” aside; maturity and life experience DO matter, and you find that out as you have more relationships and more dealings with romance and dating. 

maturity, age, and life experience really do inform who you are and what you value and how you behave and almost every other aspect of your life - and levi and eren are too far apart in all those aspects to connect on a meaningful romantic level. especially considering levi; he’s been through so much, more than most experience in a life time (so has eren but he still doesn’t come anywhere close to levi) and I think levi in particular needs someone with the wisdom and experience to understand him, to be patient, considerate, to want the same as him and perceive things in a similar light - to  meet him on equal footing in most respects because levi would come with so much emotional baggage. he needs an equal; he needs someone even wiser or even more understanding than him in some respects because he likely has a lot of internal struggles, conflicts, confusion and difficulties navigating the more social and romantic aspects of life. even more well-adjusted people can struggle with romance, let alone someone like levi - and a teenager would not be able to provide him with that specific level of stability and understanding. 

so this is one of the reasons I do ship him and hange; because they are equals (and because hange is such an empathetic and considerate person and canonically understands levi in a way nobody else does) and it’s why I think erwin x levi is a good and valid pairing too because erwin is also a more emotional equal to him.  

but I cant ship eren x levi - or him with any of the 104th; I just think there’s absolutely no basis for it other than the fan art is probably hot or cute for a lot of people, which in itself can be really difficult for other people to accept due to the minor x adult aspect (I feel that way too tbh). but you know I ship levi x hange because it makes me super fucking happy and im sure its the same for a lot of peeps who ship eren x levi so I dont have a problem with people who want to ship it. I just cant get into it.  

Using my fingers to contour my cheekbones bcs I cant be assed to wear makeup


Shaving ones legs is much too bothersome and they photoshop it out if they don’t like it anyway, altho if I was less lazy and busy I would do it cuz it looks classy. But tbh it doesn’t even turn away the obnoxious male gaze if u consider that a possible downside. from a young age my dad told me real French girls don’t shave, the older I get the more I realize mr Boucher is a total hipster haha

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Was Scourge Sisters confirmed relationship, or was they just pals?

ahh personally I see it more like “Scourge Sisters are back!” kind of thing rather than a (romantic) relationship! but idk

Anon:vriska disapproves of your blog title

lmao I bet she does

Anon:wait is davekat canon now or

not sure but well there are a few tweets from Hussie that seem to imply so!

Anon.if gay singularity is being reached i pray that your art is also used for dirkjake omg;; please make this happen

omg I wish…

Anon:so, i know that you’re getting a lot of stuff about the update, but i want to thank you for clearing up about what that update was. I had NO IDEA that it was on the meteor.

ohh yeah it was a a summary of what happened in the retconed version of the 3 years of the meteor :^) you’re welcome!

Anon:Hi! I hope this isn’t a bothersome question, but do you know the other artists who contributed to yesterdays’ upd8? I would love to be following them, but I have no idea who any of them are.

they’re all listed in the news section of mspa, along with the new horse calendars B)

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sorry if this is bothersome but i was wondering if you could explain what type of posts each type of sign should look at (ex. look at your venus sign for posts about ___) and if you have made a post about it, would you mind linking me or at least telling me where i could find it? thanks :))

Well, I will usually mention what planet sign you should look at for each post, so if it’s mentioned in the post just go by that.

But as a general rule:

Sun – anything, overall personality

Moon – emotions, habits, home life, defense mechanisms

Mercury – communication, expression, study habits

Venus – romance, partnerships, aesthetics, love, flirting, affection

Mars – physical attraction, anger, pet peeves, 

Rising – outward personality, how other people see you, the first impression you give off to others

+1 (It won’t let me just tag you *eye roll for 48 years*)


Porter sat against a crumbling wall.

Yeah, sounds kinda boring. But it was a gloomy day out and it just seemed too perfect to sit and be lazy. He rest his head against his translucent hand, taking a long sigh and releasing it through bright green lips.

What a day.

I don’t know what everyone else thinks but I really feel it in my soul that Raven shamelessly asks other people about their sex lives

“Hey Octavia, how well is Lincoln hung?” or “Clarke, has Lexa got good tongue game? I’ve never slept with a woman before” or “Got to hand it to you Monty, I’ve always been too scared to try taking it up the ass, I’ve been told it’s uncomfortable and painful”

and like… just the way she asks and she always asks when they’re alone, it just makes it sound so natural and they’d be super bothered if anyone else asked but for some reason because it’s Raven it doesn’t feel inappropriate or bothersome

Initially they just gape at her like did you seriously just fucking ask that!?!?!? but then the shock fades away and they think about it and-

“Hm, he’s a grower but not too big that it’s painful you know?” or “Amazing, like guys are good but who knows the female anatomy better and what feels best than another female?” or “Its not painful if you do it right, its mind blowing if you take your time with it”

And Raven doesn’t breath a word of any of it to anyone else she has top notch confidentiality. She’d sooner bite out another person’s neck than reveal what she’s been told without the confider’s permission.

I just see Raven being really sex positive and being there for everyone with advice or chats. Need to rant about your partner? Raven’s got your back. Annoyed that everyone assumes you’re sexuality active since you’ve been together a month now? Raven will roll her eyes with you and offer you a drink. Asexual? Raven gets out the blankets and discusses cute non-sexual forms of intimacy with you. Confused demisexual experiencing sexual attraction for the first time? Raven is here for you to explain and assure you everything’s cool and good. Missed sex ed? Raven will teach you and answer your questions professionally and super comfortably. Partner did something amazing in bed and you just need to inform Raven because LORDY IT WAS GOOD, Raven is listening and making notes. Want to take that first step but nervous? Raven is here for you, no rush.

And everyone’s there for her too when she needs them

Drowning in nightmares

Clovis was lying wide awake in his bunk. Both of his siblings were fast asleep in their beds (as any normal child of Hypnos should be, Clovis included). But, for some reason, Clovis was feeling restless. The fact that he couldn’t get to sleep was extremely bothersome; sleep was a constant in his life. Clovis was always tired. But tonight, again, there was something wrong. He could feel it in the air. Fear. Despair. Panic. He felt on edge, and awake. Awake was not something he was used to. All he wanted to do was to go to sleep. Sleep sounded very nice, but how could he sleep while all of this was around him?

It had been happening for three nights now. After the campfire, everyone went to their respective cabins to get some well-needed rest, but for some reason, Clovis could never seem to find any. Sure, still napped throughout the day, no problem. It was only at night this feeling of unease settled over him like a wet blanket (and Clovis hated wet blankets).

He’d tried everything to fix it: breathing exercises, mugs of warm milk, bedtime stories, counting sheep. He’d even put a sleeping enchantment on himself, though he hadn’t really expected that to work, anyway.

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