magic in meetings
rated e for eternity is only in perspectives
word count: 2,085
for lorraine bc i promised her proper namjoon lmfao and this is honestly one of my favorite pieces i’ve done so far <3 creds to Cloud Atlas for… well. you’ll see. 

for what else are meetings other than a point at which two lives intersect, once or twine forever, that remains to be seen, but it is meeting and perhaps meeting again that gives those lives that choice, and oh what a choice it is to make—

You meet him in a coffee shop in Berlin, when the air is sharp with the last vestiges of winter still clinging to the sky, spring blooming fervently along the edges of the horizon, along the tips of branches finally free of their winter coats. You meet him with your eyes down, hair up, legs crossed on a chair clearly not meant for crossed legs but that’s never stopped you.

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