both of them said it in so many words

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What are your thoughts on the "Roller is Tarn" theories? Especially with a DJD centric issue coming up soon! Give me your best Roller/Tarn analysis!

Oh Anon I could type so many paragraphs about why Roller=Tarn and why I am 300% on board with this theory, and any other day I would be so excited to, but I am so tired tonight.. I am just going to give you a quick list instead.

1. Both shown to have addictive tendencies: Tarn- transforming, Roller- laced enerjuice (which is a word now I’m declaring it so)

2. Both have been said to have .1% spark types which make them super strong.. and you don’t just have a .1% spark. There’s only .1% of them :U

3. Head shape. Dude, Roller’s head totally looks like Tarn’s without a mask. Also he’s huge and has treads on his shoulders and stuff.. he just has a really similar build.

4. fucking all of issue #36 like wow!
-telling him to read Megatron’s writings
-the injuries to his face
-bringing up that he wishes he had special abilities and then going MIA after there was talk of the senate doing experiments on sparks to obtain these abilities while mentioning in the same issue that he has a very special spark type… CURIOUS.

Also FUCK I love the idea that all these incredibly important people to Orion turned out to be the very worst of his enemies: Megatron, Shockwave, and now Roller
It’s beautiful.. in a devastating kind of way :U


5.13 || 6.20

This has been a ‘if you don’t think Sam and Cas are friends, then you are wrong' PSA (◡‿◡✿)

6x08 reaction; Not every wedding night ends with sex. ao3
notes: I have so many thoughts about everything and this covers barely ten percent of them but here you go (2564 words)

"It’s just like you said, Kurt! Together forever."

"Okay, but you see, when I said that, I didn’t mean that we would… be together all the time,” Kurt says, catching Blaine’s glance at him out of the corner of his eye. “No offense, but we were sort of planning on, you know, consummating our marriage in private, as I’m sure you both want to do, too.”

"Yeah, and no offense to you guys, but I don’t feel like hearing or seeing sausages flopping around anywhere near me," Santana adds, her arm around Brittany’s waist. "I’m sure there’s another room."

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Ok I’ve been thinking about what Mike revealed in 5x20. And here’s my main question. Since when did someone’s word mean confirmation of anything? I feel like people have been so quick to jump to believing what he said. I think the only real confirmation we got from Mike was that he knows about A. The rest of it….well it’s possible it’s all true (I mean I always believed that Mona was planning to fake her death and never believed that Alison is A) but I just don’t think his word is good enough to confirm for sure. Pretty much the only people I ever believe on this show are the main 4 liars (and not even always then). This show loves to make you believe something and then flip it on its head. So why is this any different really?

First of all, ok so Cyrus took Alison out of town the day Mona was murdered / faked her murder so that she wouldn’t have an alibi. Ok. But why would Cyrus do this for Mona? Last I checked, Cyrus and Alison were working together and Alison and Mona were enemies. Mike’s story makes it sound like Alison wasn’t in on this at all (which makes sense because they hate each other) so again I ask, why was Cyrus helping Mona and helping to frame Alison? Plus we saw Alison at the crime scene afterwards so where did Cyrus take her really? Cyrus is shady as fuck. He always has been since he was first introduced. Mike is basically going on his word that he took Alison out of town. But like I said last I checked he was on Alison’s side. So what’s to say he wasn’t lying about that?

Second, why would Mona call Aria and tell her that she had proof that Alison was A? Per Mike’s claim, the purpose of faking her murder and framing Alison was to smoke out A. Ok, so it’s possible she wanted the 4 liars to think it was Alison to make sure they believed Alison was capable of murdering Mona but on the other hand…making them believe Alison was A means they let their guard down and wasted valuable time trying to find real A. If Mona wanted to find real A and help out the girls why would she lead them down the wrong path like this?

Ok so Mike said Mona was planning on faking her death and then they planned to meet up a bunch of times but she never did. Out of everything he said this made the most sense to me and the thing I believe is true. We know Mona is a genius. She has always been 1-step ahead of everyone else. And she is definitely the most likely to do something drastic to get the answers she needed. The one thing that stuck with me from the flashback is that she said she had to do this the whole way properly or something like that (can’t remember the exact quote). So my thought on this is, what if she said she would meet up with Mike a few times so he’d go along with her plan but she never actually planned to meet up with him because she needed him to believe she could be dead. I mean A is supposedly everywhere so if Mike was running around believing Mona was alive, A would never be “smoked out”. But if Mona didn’t show up at their pre-arranged meetings, Mike would start to believe she was dead and boom A might actually believe it.

But that’s really just a theory based on what Mike said. Like I said above, we can’t take his word as confirmation of anything. I mean we know Mike has been talking to Alison and that Alison wants the girls to speak to her. Alison never goes about things the easy way plus you know they would never just go speak to her because Mike said they should. I could see this being an elaborate plan of Alison’s. Just like Mona is a genius, so is Alison. I mean where has he being getting all that money from? and why is he meeting up with Cyrus. Because of Alison, right? So if he is “working” with Alison who is to say he’s not lying and setting them up just so that Alison gets what she wants. The girls to believe she is innocent and to go visit her in jail.

Basically, this got really long and I could add a thousand more thoughts but the main point is, what Mike said may or may not be true. He may believe it’s true. It may be true. It may be all an elaborate ploy. Who knows. The only thing we really know for sure is it is not confirmation of anything. His words don’t prove Alison isn’t A. His words don’t prove Mona planned to fake her death. Hell we don’t even know if he’s telling the truth that he was actually supposed to be meeting her and not someone else. Or even that she didn’t show up and now he’s lying about it. PLL has always been about making you think/believe one thing and having something else be true. You have to question everything. You can’t just believe something is true because someone says so. Just because you want it to be true.

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Behold the brave fencer Amber, the newest Touhou on the block. While many have tried to mock her, they quickly realize that this is a horrible mistake to make, particularly after she sends them flying with a wall of painful steel. "This blade of mine, made from the hopes and wishes of all people. It can pierce through any darkness, any guard or barrier! But my words don't do said foil justice, so I'll let it's power and my skill speak for us both. En grade!" (Hope you don't mind this, Amber)




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throws url at you before slowly slipping away into darkness again..

my opinion on;

character in general: WHICH ONE. ALL? ALL. Okay which one to talk about first uMMM I LOVE SHIZUO. I DON’T THINK YOU NEED MORE WORDS BECAUSE EVERYONE WHO FOLLOW ME SHOULD ALREADY KNOW MY LOVE FOR HEIWAJIMA SHIZUO KNOWS NO BOUNDS. I ranted about Delic already, for Tsugaru I have to qualms. Tsugaku? Tsugaku is the bae. both meaning precious baby and poop. 
how they play them: My wish to hug Shizuo has lengthened thanks to your Shizuo. Congratulations. yOUR TSUGARU IS SO INTERESTING I’VE SAID THIS SO MANY TIMES BEFORE LIKE I adore adore adore your Tsugaru he’s so perfect in my eyes i love him so much god please just keep on keeping him i love him i love him. As for Delic, your Delic manages to pique my interest and he’s so interesting and I wish to break him as much as I wish to make him laugh and befriend him. Do you feel my pain shi. meanwhile Tsugaku is an asshole and I don’t need more rant on how I love him and how I think he’s cute while I am planning to see him being broken at least once.

Because to be a senpai in shounen manga tends to be either an asshole or a super supportive gay character and Shi definitely can be both

do i;

follow them: yes
rp with them: yes
want to rp with them: shoves list of muses up your ass please have them all
ship their character with mine: Not yet but if anything pops out there will be aNGST AND HURT AND TEARS

what is my;

overall opinion: MARVELOUS. I love you and goodluck on your studies lmao you can do it my child

The rule is to fill this out and tag 10 people you want to know better

I was tagged by: irishandproud15

Name: Nikola

Nickname: Nik

Birthday: January 15

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: Short

Favourite Colour: Black

Time and date at current moment: 7:40am, Tuesday Feb 17 2015

Average number of hours of sleep: 5-9

Lucky Number: 7

Last thing I googled: “dan and bryony” okay I saw a post and it said Bryony knew them because she had dated both of them for a period of time so naturally I stalked.

First word that comes to mind: Lunchables

Place that makes me happy: London, UK (all my fam lives there)

How many blankets do I sleep under: One

Favorite Fictional Character(s): Lucinda Price, Anastasia Steele, Jace (W/H/M whatever you’re up to)

Favorite Book: 50 Shades of Grey

Favorite Drink: Apple Cider

Last movie seen in a movie theater: 50 Shades of Grey Premier (so good)

Dream Vacation: Travelling around Europe and then America 

Dream Wedding: A Black Dress with Dan Howell

I tag: woahdanandphil httpdanandphil mindthephan troyesbooty danscrotch troylers-lolzor-lester troyeeeeler mindlessteddybear ohphil twerking-lester

ugh fuck nevermind


and then i start worrying about how people might perceive what i say so i try and bend my words a bit to suit both their perception and the meaning of them

and then it’s just an awkward load of shit no one understands and i wish i hadn’t even said anything

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[TEXT]: hey this is Matthew, Christopher's friend. Bellamy is fine, she was at my place the whole time. they are patching things up in the living room. thought let you know she's okay. Both of them fucking drama queens. Anyways, peace bro. I need a pint.

Ephram stood in the dark of his trailer, looking down at the message on his phone. Matthew, Christopher’s friend, where Bellamy had been this whole time, Bellamy who was fine. Not dead, said Matthew Christopher’s friend, in so many words. Bellamy who was okay. Peace bro.

He turned off his phone and dropped it on the coffee table, then took down his shotgun from its rack. Each movement sparse, efficient, intended to tamp down the wildfire rage that was flaring through Ephram’s body. But once he had the gun in his hands, Ephram realized it wouldn’t do. The shotgun was too remote, distant; he wouldn’t need to get up close and have the opportunity to feel warm blood on his hands.

The coping mechanisms he’d worked on for most of his life were kicking over smoothly, turning the searing anger and hurt into white-blue coldfire. A text from Matthew Christopher’s friend, to let him know. Yeah. Peace, bro. Yeah, yeah, okay, she’s okay.  

Dropping the gun onto the sofa, Ephram took up a knife instead. Took up the small pack of essentials he kept, just like when he’d go to ground back home in the holler, out alone and gone in the trees for days. Fine the whole time. Coming back thin and hard-eyed and voice rusty from disuse.

He didn’t linger. Night was falling, and swiftly, and Ephram left everything where it was and disappeared into the trees, with ghosts old and new, and all of them hungry.

Something that I consider equally both one of best and worst traits is my stubbornness. There have been so many instances where I hate how obdurate I am, but this definitely isn’t one of them. 

Right now, I am sooooooooo grateful to be as stubborn as I am. If it wasn’t for that, I probably would have caved and done/said something I’d regret. This probably doesn’t make much sense to anyone but me, but my stubborn tendencies are what are keeping me from making an ass of myself. My stubbornness comes before any other emotion, and right now, that is saving me. 

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"Why are you so calm about this?" [loki/elsa]

The smile he gave her was sardonic, the chuckle from behind closed lips somehow the same. "When you’ve lived as long as I have, you learn to be calm about such things thanks to having experienced both sides of them many times over," he said, looking out over the twinkling lights of the city’s night life.

Knuckles turned white as Loki gripped the rail of the balcony, ignoring the wind whipping dark hair into his face for a moment as the god let himself get lost in  words had brought on. Lips grew thin and tight, eyes going icy; then it was gone, knuckles back to their usual peachy color and eyes returning to their usual self as one hand rose to push raven locks behind his ears and back into place.

"…Don’t think too much of it," Loki told her after a bit, his other hand slipping from the railing as he turned to look at Elsa, smiling in his usual sarcastic way as he spoke. "After all, once this is over, you’ll be as free as a bird, no longer bound to a liar and a murderer…free to go back and be the queen you were meant to be, all peaceful and pure and perfect and loved,” he spat, smiling all the while before stalking away, off of the balcony and back inside Stark Tower toward the comfort of his room.

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// Abby is making me give you her URL. I don't know why.

send me a url and I’ll answer the following;;

Opinion on;

Character in general: I thoroughly enjoy Abby. She’s interesting and I like her versatility. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her in two different verses and in both of them she is equally as interesting, if a bit different. This tells me that she’s been expanded upon and a lot of thought has been put into her creation. Like I’ve said before: I usually love OCs and Abby is no exception. 
How they play them: I thoroughly enjoy the writing and how they’ve developed Abby. She’s written realistically and is very relatable, in my opinion. not only is the muse well-rounded, but the mun is a very good writer. I like their style and the scene they create when using a few words or many. 
The Mun: So far, I very much enjoy the mun. I’ve had nothing, but pleasant interactions with them and they’ve been nothing but kind to me. Another one who often has something interesting for me each day. And indulges my muse’s apparent desire to bother Abby incessantly on kik. I’m so very glad to have followed her blog and started up a thread with her because it’s been nothing, but a joy. 

Do I;

RP with them: For sure! 
Want to RP with them: Indeed I do. I want all of the interactions with Abby. haha 

What is my;

Overall Opinion: As I mentioned before, I love Abby. She is a really great character and Mitchell also is very fond of her so that certainly helps. The mun is definitely friendly and very open to plotting and other random nonsense from me. Just a dream to have as a partner, let me tell you. So go and follow now! You will not regret it. 

I know it’s old news but I wanted to say this.. Kanye West trash talking Amber Rose wasn’t bad to me. She’s said some not so nice things about him too. They were both in the relationship, they were in love with each other at one point, and then they both weren’t and now they’re not together and they have their own separate lives. They can say whatever the hell they want about each other. Kanye can call her a dirty whore in not so many words and Amber can insinuate that he has some skeletons in his closet that would ruin his reputation if she let them out. It’s all fair game. I’m not taking either side because I never dated them as a couple so how the hell would I know what happened and what didn’t?

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Heh so your counterparts both used to world class assassins. They've killed so many people that there is no part of them that isn't stained blood red.

Nobori blinked at the words, a confused expression on his face, “Vhat? Zhat can’t be true…” He was honestly confused on what to think. While it was true he didn’t know anything about their history, it couldn’t be that bad could it? It would explain what Emmet said about Ingo getting night terrors though… No one could forget something like that…

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how many tattoos do you have? It would be cool if you said what they were too :)) I'm just curious

I posted this earlier on my other blog but my two newest tattoos were both done by seanfromtexas who I’ve wanted to be tattooed by for over a year now so that was v cool and I love them a lot, one says Girl Almighty which is a 1D song and the other is one of his like ‘signature’ tombstone drawings with the words ‘baby girl’ in it because that’s me AF. Then I have ‘i wish i was a mermaid’ tattooed on my inner arm which is a reference to my favorite show of all time The OC. Then I have the word Lolita on my arm as well which basically speaks for itself, my favorite book/movie/who I am as a person. And the rest are awful and I want to physically scrape them off of my body every day lmao 0:-) the moral of the story is don’t get tattoos as a teenager

Questions from the lovely ralph-is-fiennes

1. If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be? Describe it.

Hoodie, jeans, converses, hallelujah 

2. Biggest mistake you’ve ever made?

Ohhhhh boyyyyyy…. being young and making poor decisions that ended up screwing up my life for two years

3. Nicest thing you’ve ever done?


4. What’s something that happened to you that you still can’t really believe actually happened?

Meeting Hugh Laurie and Ralph Fiennes within a couple weeks of each other… and getting to touch them both.

5. What year was your favorite so far?


6. How many licks do you think it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?]

Approx. 1,000 is what they said on the radio the other morning

7. If you were an animal what would you be?

Household cat

8. What are your least favorite words?

"Have you done your homework?" also "Group project" and "I have a Nook question"

9. Name the first 7 things that pop into your head

Donkeys, cats, Ralph, typing, milkshake, hungry, fuzzy

10. Do you have a case on your phone? Describe it

People without phone cases need help. Mine is a little snowy owl with a Gryffindor scarf sitting on top of a broom and stack of Hogwarts textbooks

11. Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino