Hesperoyucca whipplei (by flora-file)

Docent trainees checking out the dead flower stalk of this plant. It flowered last year, and the plant is still hanging on despite the fact that it is monocarpic. It is slowly dying though. Like agaves, this plant dies after finishing the flower cycle. Despite this, the stalk is as thick as a tree and still looks very nice despite the flowers being long gone.

I don’t want to get ahead of the science on this one, but I think the long term ecological impact of getting rid of goat heads would be happiness.


Painted Trillium, painted lady or trille ondulé (Trillium undulatum). Easy flower to spot in the wild with white, wavy margined recurved petals and very distinctive red or pink v-shaped markings toward the base. Painted Trillium’s range includes  Nova Scotia and Manitoba, south to New Jersey, generally higher elevations in northern Georgia, east Tennessee and Wisconsin. Photos by Charlie Kellogg and BlueRidgeKitties

mimosa-pudica asked:

I just received 30 pawpaw seeds in the mail from KSU! I'm a horticulture student at Texas State University, and my supervising research professor and I are making these little pawpaw babies our new pet project in the greenhouse. We're also bugging everybody in the agriculture department here to request seeds, so we'll have more chances of germination. :-) I'm so excited! Thanks again for sharing KSU's awesome pawpaw program with us!!

I am so glad to hear it!

By the way, I put out a notice the other day for horticulturalists/botanists who might want to use the data I am gathering for this project for a paper: let me know it this is something that interests you or your supervising professor!

I figure that these seeds are being distributed, planted, and tracked, I may as well write something down for posterity’s sake!

#Paw Paw Project

Tradescantia pallida is in the family Commelinaceae. This genus is easily recognized by its 3merous flowers, although the color can be different between species. This species has opposite dark purple leaves and is commonly grown as an ornamental! Follow for more plant facts and photos! #uf #growbotany #dailyplantfacts #plantscience #botany #plants #tradescantia #spiderwort


Brother of Joseph Simcox, Patrick Simcox the botanical explorer in Namibia, with a very interesting fruit.


The UK Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo: The Seed Cathedral

Theme - Better City, Better Life

"The UK pavilion at Expo 2010, colloquially known as the Seed Cathedral, was a sculpture structure built by a nine member conglomeration of British business and government resources directed by designer Thomas Heatherwick. It referenced the race to save seeds from round the world in banks, and housed 250,000 plant seeds at the end of 60,000 acrylic rods, held in place by geometrically-cut holes with the rods inserted therein.”


"The Seed Cathedral is 20 metres in height, formed from 60,000 slender transparent rods, each 7.5 metres long and each encasing one or more seeds at its tip. During the day, they act as optic fibres and draw daylight inwards to illuminate the interior. At night, light sources inside each rod allow the whole structure to glow. As the wind moves past, the building and its optic “hairs” gently move to create a dynamic effect.”

- Despoke.com

Images: Heatherwick Studio; REUTERS/Aly Song

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