"As the newly exposed bark slowly ages, it changes from bright green to a darker green, then bluish to purplish, and then pink-orange. Finally, the color becomes a brownish maroon right before exfoliation occurs. Since this process is happening in differ-
ent zones of the trunk and in different stages, simultaneously, the colors are varied and almost constantly changing. As a result, the tree will never have the same color pattern twice, making it like a work of living art.” -LariAnn Garner #rainboweucalyptus #botanicgarden ✌️🌈🌿🌺💚

Пардон за спам, не могу удержаться. Уж больно круты эти конструкции из стекла и металла. Практически #metropolis 1927 года. #botanicgarden #saintpetersburg (в Тропическая Оранжерея Ботанического Сада)