Painting my houseplants - Echeveria shaviana. This amazing plant and pot were a gift from thesill. I’ve been slowly working on this painting for a month now, just waiting for the flowers to open all the way - which has taken much longer than expected. The flower stalk is stunning and and beautifully architectural.  


Thanks to the support of everyone who has bought their very own In Defense of Plants sticker, we have been able to donate $100 to the Native North American Orchid Conservation Center! This donation means that orchids such as the Calypso (Calypso bulbosa) and the rams-head lady’s slipper (Cypripedium arietinum) are receiving the conservation attention they deserve. What is good for orchids is good for the environment. Thank you again to all who bought a sticker. There are still more for sale and this is only Round 1 of donations so make sure to stop by the In Defense of Plants Shop and pick up a few for yourself and your loved ones :)


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 6.2.15

‘mourning ritual’ botanical perfume oil by lvnea

LOVE lvnea’s descriptions of their botanical, earthy bath and body products — this earthy roller-ball perfume’s says, ‘mysterious incense notes are surrounded with luminous roses and dark balsamic resins.’ makes me want to try it out … well, the description AND the rad product photography.


“Para ver vida en un rostro. Siempre… para ver vida en un rostro y entenderlo por lo que es… y al final entenderlo y amarlo por lo que es y luego dejarlo ir. Siempre los años entre nosotros, siempre los años, siempre el amor, siempre… las horas.”

Virginia Woolf, Las Horas