I had every intention of curling up and reading a book on the couch tonight as I rarely have any alone time anymore, however after dealing with two very fussy puppies I am pretty tuckered out myself. I love how molly’s so black you can never even see her in pictures. That shit’s racist yo! #puppies #bostonspaniel (Taken with instagram)

Two sanctified pups after the Blessing of the Animals at the Shrine of Saint Francis of Assissi/Franciscan monastery of D.C. I have always wanted to take my dogs to this, bc as an Alumna of Saint Francis (patron saint of animals), it’s especially precious to me. The priest blessed Daenerys’ eye, Jub’s nervous heart, and unexpectedly included me (“your mistress”, he said to Daenerys) in his prayer. <3 | #DaenerysTheFrenchie #buhi #FrenchBulldog #BostonSpaniel #SaintFrancis #BlessingOfTheAnimals #dogs (at Franciscan Monastery)

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French kissing in the U.S.A. #DaenerysTheFrenchie #buhi #TeamJub #BostonSpaniel #puppylove

Two happy dogs, post-walk. Daenerys’ eye is doing better thanks to her new medicine. YAY! Sorry for the lack of pics, my phone is on its last legs and the camera has been malfunctioning. Wish I could upload from my laptop. Anyone have the new Samsung Galaxy? How is it? :) | #DaenerysTheFrenchie #buhi #FrenchBulldog #BostonSpaniel

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We have no willpower in this house. None. #TeamJub #BostonSpaniel #DisappointmentToAsianParents