Can I live? (preferably inside a building)

There is no singular worst thing about finding housing after graduation. Everything about it is awful and no matter what situation you find yourself in there’s always a downside. Here are the top 5:

  1. In college, no matter what dorm you get placed in, you know for sure that it’s a dorm room that exists and that the school won’t disappear on move-in day and steal your money, i.e. security.
  2. Using public transpo to get to open houses inevitably means making 2+ transfers and/or traveling to two opposite ends of the train line. 
  3. You will get lost and it will make you late to your appointment/ make you look like an unreliable tenant.
  4. Credit check? Who needs a credit check? What ever happened to trust? 
  5. And finally, you are too poor to afford anything decent. Anything you can afford will probably be a scam and/or filled with roaches.