Battling Snow and SLUDGE. A great total body workout! (Stay Safe Michiganders!)


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Looking at the amount of snow that my friends and family received in Michigan today, I am grateful to not have to drive in such weather.  In Boston on any given day, I can expect to walk to Trader Joe’s for their coconut oil or pumpkin butter, walk my son to and from school, and carry my daughter in an Ergo Baby Carrier through mountains of snow to and from work.  Needless to say, the idea of a “snow day” means it has to be apocalyptic here.

So, what to do but use the elements at hand to get in a great workout.  Ever try running in the sand at the beach?  It isn’t easy right?  Well, snow works the same way only its more like wet, slippery sand. 


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How can battling snow be made into a workout?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Shovel Snow (Upper body, core, glutes)
  • Run and Play in the Snow (Cardio)
  • Climb hills at the park with a backpack (Glutes, Legs, Cardio)
  • Build a snowman (Total Body)
  • Have a snowball fight (Upper body, Core, Cardio)

Get creative!  A snow day can be a bummer if you are someone who likes to stay active like myself.  


Bundle up in some good boots, a warm pair of snow socks and snow pants and get out there and MOVE for at least 30 minutes!  Burn those calories!

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1st #selfie of 2014. Four days of @barrysboston logged this week. Teaching is a good way to get in my workouts :) Had three new clients/1st timers this AM loving class ranging in age from 55-18 years old. Saw us on #chronicle! Have you tried a class yet? #barrysboston #barrysbootcamp @barrysbootcamp #bostonfitness

Morning protein pancakes after spin w/Brianna @recycle_studio. Starting Monday off on the right note. Remember, there is no better day to start a new healthy habit than today, right now! Join me later today for 45m kick butt workout @barrysboston! #bostonfitness #fitfluential #proteinpancakes @perfectfit

Took another Core Fusion class at Exhale with fellow @barrysboston instructor @megLscannell - loved it!! My legs were shaking for half the class. Using up my @classpass before the end of my trial month. #ffcheckin #bostonfitness #corefusion