Superwho AU - You can’t save everyone. In fact, there are days when I think you can’t save anyone.

└ Sam is killed during a hunt and Dean enlists the Doctor to bring him back. Unfortunately even Time Lords can’t perform miracles.


The Paris Eiffel Jumping (part of the Global Champions Tour 2014). Source.

Pic1 - Backstage.

Pic2 - CONRAD DE HUS lost his bridle during his round with Gregory Wathelet.

Pic3 - Walking the course.

Pic4 - Janika Sprunger.

Pic5 - Roger-Yves Bost & POKER DES DAMES.

Pic6 - QUICKLY DE KREISKER, his groom Elodie Bourget and his rider Abdelkebir Ouaddar.

Pic7 - Horse & groom.

Pic8 - Rodrigo Pessoa & Philippe Guerdat.

Pic9 - Emanuele Gaudiano during the puissance class.

Pic10 - Stanny & Constant Van Paesschen.


 Seus passos estavam ficando cada vez mais pesados, e consequentemente, andava devagar. Seus olhos, revelavam que a pequena garota não dormia há dias. O motivo de tudo aquilo? Apenas queria sair da cidade onde estava, da cidade onde ela não era ninguém, onde todos a ignoravam totalmente. Andou mais um pouco, com a vista um pouco embaçada, mas não aguentou, e caiu no chão.


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has anyone seen this??? it’s bloody brilliant!

Emergency Commission: On Verge of Losing Housing

I’m going to try to make this shorter than all my other ones. My plans fell through for moving at the end of August. Now due to circumstances, my boyfriend and I are being forced to find and move into our own apartment in around 7 weeks. We are applying for housing aid, food stamps, utility aid, but sadly the waiting list for the area we are moving into has been projected at least three years as far as housing aid goes. I’ve cut back on my classes and have been looking desperately for a second job. My boyfriend can’t really get a job until he’s out here due to the fact he lives two hours away and interviews and getting to work would be problematic until housing is established. 

We already have what should be the up front costs for renting a studio apartment, but until I get a second job and/or he has a job this doesn’t really count for food costs, utility costs, and gas costs. I’m still working desperately to pay off debts I owe to my Aunt and current landlady, so until I get a second job my income is mostly tied up.

Please please please help. At least reblog please. If we can’t get a place to live we may end up my father’s home, which is an emotionally toxic place and that also has a lot of unhealthy drinking in it. I would also have to quit my job and drop out of school so I’d be back at square one, and my boyfriend and I would not have a chance to try and attempt to get or continue the therapy and medical aid we need.

I have as many slots open as I can take. I have one commission I need to finish from the last time I asked for help, but other than that there is not waiting list. I will draw anything. Commission info is under the cut, and if you’d rather donate there is a donation button on my page.

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So tumblr is pretty much the best place around for up and coming artists, right? Especially in the nerdy community!

Here at Comic Envy, my beloved Comic shop and place of work, we are getting together guests and participants for the third annual Asheville Comic Expo. This year we REALLY want to focus on independent artists and creators, not just in the Asheville NC scene, but open to ANYONE looking to attend.

If you’re an artist (or any kind of creative type!), or if you know of anyone that might be interested in attending, PLEASE let me know! A.C.E will be taking place on September 20th, 2014 in Asheville North Carolina, and the Cellular Center. We have a massive space to fill this year, and the more independant and new artists, the better. 

Please send me an ask if you might be interested, and PLEASE signal boost! I’ll have a table (as well as running the damn thing…), dr-kara will have a table, it’s basically the best party ever.

Signal boost! Spread the word! You’re all peaches :)

Do you see that logo? If any of you aren’t aware, Bell is a Canadian company that provides service to phones and computers etc. Bell Let’s Talk Day is a designated day where Bell will donate 5 cents towards mental health initiatives for every:

  • text message sent (with Bell service I’m sure)
  • Mobile and long distance call made (again with Bell)
  • Tweet using the hash tag on Twitter #BellLetsTalk
  • Facebook share of their Bell Let’s Talk Image

 Since 2010, Bell has donated 62.5 million dollars to health initiatives in Canada. Mental illness has been growing and growing, and the only people that can change that is us. As a country, let us get together on this and support the cause! 

For those outside Canada, if you want more information regarding this event, head over to this website:


Spread the awareness and show your own support.

On January 28th, let’s talk. 

Δύο πράγματα θέλει ο άντρας, κινδύνους και παιχνίδια. Γι’ αυτό ζητάει τη γυναίκα, γιατί είναι το πιο επικίνδυνο παιχνίδι…!!!
—  Φρίντριχ Νίτσε

Hello, dear followers!

Plaguesworth, the mad scientist behind all of the covers to my books, has a tshirt design today on RIPTAPPAREL.COM!

"Let’s Exterminate" a Doctor Who meets Dr. Seuss desin is only going to be available for 24 hours! They have more than tshirts, though, you can get this awesome design as a poster, laptop case, and many other awesome options~ ♥︎


Plague is seriously an awesome artist. I’ve known him for a long time, and he has not only shown great skill at book covers— the man can draw anything from monsters to bishounen to doge. There is nothing he can’t doodle.

If you really like this design, please consider picking it up! This design will only be available on this website (at such a low price) for a few hours. Otherwise, please consider giving this a reblog— Plaguesworth and I would be forever in your debt!