By Gloria Rubac

Immediately after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, before any political motivation was alleged, the word terrorism began to be used by the news media. It was said that no stone would be left unturned in the hunt for the perpetrators.

Then two days later, on April 17, an explosion at a fertilizer plant in a Texas town called West left 2,800 people feeling terrorized. At least 14 residents were killed and hundreds injured. Some are still in intensive care. Homes, schools and a nursing home were destroyed.

But no one was saying that those responsible for the explosion, which obliterated much of the small farming town, would be found at any cost.

It is known that the West Fertilizer Co. stockpiled huge amounts of potentially explosive material, but U.S. and Texas governmental agencies formed to regulate fertilizer plants have seen their budgets drastically cut. While the Pentagon budget spirals upward in the interest of U.S. imperialism, it had been nearly three decades since the West Fertilizer Co. was last inspected by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. As far back as 1985, it was fined for violating regulations on how to store ammonia.

Please fire me. Everyone else in the office got a new computer except for me even though mine crashes and blue screens multiple times daily. The reason: I don’t need a fully functioning computer. My job: social media marketing and website management. 

You may have heard that my epic 2013 year-end press conference lasted a little over 4 hours. That is a lot of questions, right? Wrong. The media only asked me one: Why are you so fucking awesome? But there are so many reasons that it took me 240 minutes to list them all.

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Who's zooming who?

The really amazing thing about technology is that initially, we humans invent it for a primary use. Then, in the hands of the at-large audience, the technology morphs and grows in ways the original inventor could never have imagined.

The end result is a forever evolving technological state that allows humanity to reinvent itself by fundamentally changing our perceptions and beliefs. Technology today is greatly modifying our behavior and our life courses, and reshaping our political, tribal and economic foundations.

And we are only at the beginning of this revolution.

So, to paraphrase Aretha Franklin, who’s changing who?

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