Sept. 14th, 2014 — Work and Date (??)

Dress: Aéropostale
Jacket: LOFT
Tights: WalMart
Necklace: Aéropostale
Watch: Japan
Earrings: Aéropostale
Bracelet: TSWGO Foundation/DFTBA Records
Boots: Boscov’s

20thcenturyblurs said:

13, 15, 29 :)

13.) Accent: Ooo umm… I really really really like Tom Hiddleston and Andrew Scott’s accents… a lot. a lot.
15.) Clothing Store: Maurice’s and Boscovs
29.) Person from history: George Washington

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panic-at-the-homestuck said:

Kill la kill

Kill La Kill: What are some of your favorite places to shop for clothes?
I only really have one place which i looked it up, there aren’t too many so i won’t say the name but uh, i like rue21 and u hhhh Boscovs i guess o u o ;; anywhere that has cute clothes i suppose (also hot topic but ugh it’s embarrassing for me to go there cuz when i do it’s either alone or with family ~ _ ~ ;;  i feel bad for dragging them in there)


Send me an anime!!

anonymous said:

Aurora, Ariel

Aurora: Story of your first kiss
It was in an elevator in a Boscovs. My boyfriend and I at the time kept calling it plan Batcave. Yeah…

Ariel: Where do you think you belong, and why?

Oh I don’t know. It’s a deep question and it’s almost 1 am here so trying to think straight may not be an option… Uh, to relate to the princess, I think I belong a mermaid in the ocean cause once I get in the water (pool, lake, ocean), it’s really hard for me to get out. So yeah…

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