Asami Sato


Asami from “Legend of Korra” was one of my favorite characters. She was moral, righteous, and caring to everyone and uh….I dunno….LOYAL! Plus she ISN’T that typical damsel in distress character, which is something i like in female characters. As the internet unofficially declared her, she’s like the new Batman lol. XD

shortly after the season finale, Bolin, to Mako’s dismay, decides to join the metalbending police in order to apprehend the remaining chi-blockers. This task turns out to be more demanding than expected and the police forces have a tough time with keeping Republic City safe. After one particularly rough night Bolin, not wanting to concern his brother, goes to Asami.

When Book 4 Begins
  • Friend:WHAT THE-?! Why the hell are you standing on the roof?!
  • Me:....I no longer have an earthly tether...
  • Me:I...I have entered the void....I have become...empty
  • Friend:I'm calling someone to help! Don't move I'll-
  • Me:*steps off ledge* *begins to float* *soars off into the clouds as a single tear falls*
  • Friend:....fucking damn it Legend of Korra

Day 54 | 120 Ships

Bolin/Asami Sato (Legend of Korra)
triggered by a line in slack-tension’s Bosami fic, Blind:

“My apartment is so empty. While your’s has…well, your’s has you in it, for starters.”

I like watercolors, but I can’t help but feel absolutely horrible at them. (Whereas Tara, LN, and Ana are BOSS at them. Guh. I can’t believe I’m friends with all of you, you guys are amazing)