need ideas for secret BOS?

so, I’m working on my secret BOS and I was wondering what to put in it that wasn’t obviously witchy

um I’m sorry for the questions all the time but maybe this can help someone else, you know?

I already have some recipes saved that I need to print out, and may print some DIY stuff even though I can’t make any DIY things for now

but I was looking for some non-obvious witchy things to put in a secret witch BOS

thanks, sorry if my questions bother you,


Self-Confidence Spell

Items needed:

  • A wearable item that will be charmed (necklace, bracelet, anything that can fit in your pocket and you can carry it around, earrings, etc)
  • Yellow or Orange candle (optional white candle if you do not have yellow or orange)
  • Incense (you can use Cypress, Dragon’s Blood, Musk, Basil, Bergamot, Frankincense, and Rose)
  • Water
  • Something representing earth (could be dirt, stones, herbs, salt, etc).  Herbs corresponding with self-confidence include: Cloves, White Sandalwood, Celandine, Musk.

Should be done:

  • On a Tuesday during the waxing moon (both are optional though)


Cover the item in your chosen representation of the element of earth.  You can put the item in a jar or dish and pour the elemental representation over it.  Visualize the item soaking up the element.  Take as long as you need for this.

When you are done say:

“In (deities’ name) let this item be blessed by the element of earth”  If you are secular you can substitute yourself and your own power in place of the deity.  Say something like “As I will it, let this item be blessed by the element of earth”

Next, cleanse the item in water.  You can let it soak in water or you can rinse it.  Same as above, visualize the item soaking up the element.  Take as long as needed.


“In (deities’ name) let this item be blessed by the element of water”  Same as above, if secular substitute yourself in.

Next, cleanse the item with air by passing it over incense.  Visualize the item soaking up the smoke of the incense.  Take as long as needed

If you are unable to use incense due to allergies or asthma, use a fan or feather instead.  Just imagine yourself fanning that energy into the item


“In (deities’ name) let this item be blessed by the element of air”  Same as above if secular.

Next, light your candle and either let it pass above the fire OR if you don’t feel comfortable doing this: place the item in your line of sight as if the flames were below the item.  Visualize the item soaking up the flame.  OR if you do not wish to use a candle you can pass the item over the incense again and visualize the fire burning the stick.  Incense can technically represent both air and fire. Take as long as needed


“In (deities’ name) let this item be blessed by the element of fire”

Finally, hold the item in your hands and meditate.  Allow your energy to build up and release it into the item within your hands.  


“Self-confidence I will now gain in my (list things like life, work, school work, love life, social life, work in the craft, etc). As I will it, so let it be done”.  Mean it with every fiber of your being.  Meditate some more and feel the power transfer to the item.  End in a prayer if you wish.

Wear the item as many days as possible.  


  • White candle instead of orange.
  • A match in place of a candle
  • Incense representing both fire and air
  • Feather or Fan in replacement for Incense
  • If you are unable to visualize, trust in a higher power or the elements that they will be able to transfer energy to the item.  Say a prayer for intercession in your spell.  Same goes for meditation.  Instead, pray or chant what you wish to gain from this spell.  
Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows (BOS) is used to store information you’ll need in your magical tradition, whatever it may be. 

Many Pagans and Wiccans feel a BOS should be handwritten -this will not only transfer energy to the writer, but it also helps you to memorize the contents. (Make sure you write legibly enough that you’ll be able to read your notes during a ritual!) - but some use a computer to store information as well. 

Bear in mind that a BOS is considered a sacred tool, which means it is an item of power that should be consecrated with all of your other magical tools. 

To make your Book of Shadows, begin with a blank notebook. A popular method is to use a three-ring binder so items can be added and rearranged as needed. If you use this style of BOS, you can use sheet protectors as well, which is great for preventing candle wax and other ritual drippings from getting on the pages! 

Whatever you select, your title page should include your name. Make it fancy or simple, depending on your preference, but remember that the BOS is a magical object and should be treated accordingly. Many witches simply write, “The Book of Shadows of [your name]” on the front page.

What format should you use? Some witches are known to create elaborate Books of Shadows in secret, magical alphabets. Unless you’re fluent enough in one of these systems that you can read it without having to check notes or a chart, stick with your native language. While a spell looks beautiful written out in flowing Elvish script or Klingon lettering, the fact is that it’s just hard to read unless you’re an Elf or a Klingon.

When it comes to the contents of your personal BOS, there are a few sections that are nearly universally included.

  • Laws of your coven or tradition: Believe it or not, magic has rules. While they may vary from group to group, it’s a really good idea to keep them at the front of your BOS as a reminder of what constitutes acceptable behavior and what doesn’t. If you’re part of an eclectic tradition that doesn’t have written rules, or if you’re a solitary witch, this is a good place to write down what YOU think are acceptable rules of magic;
  • A dedication: If you’ve been initiated into a coven, you may want to include a copy of your initiation ceremony here. However, many Wiccans dedicate themselves to a God or Goddess long before they become part of a coven. This is a good place to write out who you are dedicating yourself to, and why;
  • Gods and Goddesses: Depending on what pantheon or tradition you follow, you may have a single God and Goddess, or a number of them. Your BOS is a good place to keep legends and myths and even artwork concerning your Deity. If your practice is an eclectic blend of different spiritual paths, it’s a good idea to include that here;
  • Correspondence tables: When it comes to spellcasting, correspondence tables are some of your most important tools. Phases of the moon, herbs, stones and crystals, colors – all have different meanings and purposes. Keeping a chart of some sort in your BOS guarantees that this information will be at the ready when you really need it;
  • Sabbat rituals: The Wheel of the Year includes eight holidays for most Wiccans and Pagans, although some traditions do not celebrate all of them. Your BOS can include rituals for each of the Sabbats. Click here for more information.
  • Other rituals: If you’ll be celebrating each full moon, you’ll want to include an Esbat rite in your BOS. You can use the same one each month, or create several different ones tailored to the time of year. You may also wish to include sections on how to cast a circle and Drawing Down the Moon, a rite that celebrates the invoking of the Goddess at the time of the full moon. If you’ll be doing any rites for healing, prosperity, protection, or other purposes, be sure to include them here;
  • Herbs/Crystals: Ask any experienced Pagan or Wiccan about a specific herb or crystal, and chances are good that they’ll expound on not only the magical uses of them but also the healing properties and history of use. Herbalism and crystology are often considered the core of spellcasting, because plants and crystals are ingredients that people have used for literally thousands of years. Put together a section in your BOS for herbs, crystals and their uses. Click here and here for more information;
  • Divination: If you’re learning about Tarot, scrying, astrology, or any other form of divination, keep information in here. When you experiment with new methods of divination, keep a record of what you do and results you see in your Book of Shadows.
  • Sacred texts: While it’s fun to have a bunch of new shiny books on Wicca and Paganism to read, sometimes it’s just as nice to have information that’s a little more established. If there is a certain text that appeals to you, such as The Charge of the Goddess, an old prayer in an archaic language, or a particular chant that moves you, include it in your Book of Shadows;
  • Magical recipes: There’s a lot to be said for “kitchen witchery,” because for many people, the kitchen is the center of hearth and home. As you collect recipes for oils, incense, or herb blends, keep them in your BOS. You may even want to include a section of food recipes for Sabbat celebrations. Click here for more information;
  • Spell workings: Some people prefer to keep their spells in a separate book called a grimoire, but you can also keep them in your Book of Shadows. It’s easier to keep spells organized if you divide them up by purpose: prosperity, protection, healing, etc …

The biggest dilemma with any Book of Shadows is how to keep it organized. You can use tabbed dividers, create an index at the back, or if you’re really super-organized, a table of contents in the front. As you study and learn more, you’ll have more information to include (this is why the three-ring binder is such a practical idea).

Keep in mind that as our technology is constantly changing, the way we use it does too - there are people who keep their BOS completely digitally on a flash drive, their laptop, or even stored virtually to be accessed by their favorite mobile device. A BOS pulled up on a smart phone is no less valid than one copied by by hand in ink onto parchment.

You may want to use one notebook for information copied from books or downloaded off the Internet, and another for original creations. Regardless, find the method that works best for you, and take good care of your Book of Shadows. After all, it’s a sacred object and should be treated accordingly!

Book of Shadows consecrating ritual

You can consecrate your new Book of Shadows and Pen(s) of Art with a simple ritual:

On the night of a New Moon, cast a Circle as you feel comfortable doing, and gather together your book and pen(s), along with a blessed bowl of water, inside the circle. By candlelight, consecrate your writing equipment by holding your hands out, palms down, over the equipment and saying words like these:

Book of Shadows, leaves of white
Pen of Art with point so fine
Soon be filled with Sabbat rite
Magick charm and chanted spell.
Day by day and night by night,
White pages pen of art will fill.

Then anoint each pen, book, etc. with a symbol of your choosing (Pentagram, Crescent Moon, etc.) saying something like:

From this night of the moon,
I dedicate this book and this pen (etc.)
To the Mysteries of the Ancient Ways.
As I will, so mote it be!

Now inscribe the first page of the book with its title, whatever you choose to call it, using your Pen of Art. Below the title write the date in Pagan terms like “The third night of the Wolf Moon, 1999,” - whatever the date is, along with whatever you feel should be there along with the title.

More plant sigils

Sunflower: And the sun, mighty and powerful, filled the world with light and gave existence of time. 

  • To give strength to all your desires, and to not let your memory fade

Hawthorn: Gather the hawthorn’s berries, and the fairies come to you in droves.

  • For when you just need fairies to come. Great for summoning 

Belladonna: Drink of me and pleasure will come, but death follows like a shadow.

  • To call upon your familiar spirit or wish to seek vengeance against another.

I just find my Grandma’s Herbal Grimoire ! I’m so exited about that !!!!

I did not know that my grandmother was a “traditional” witch: she was a farmer who lived in the countryside and who loved growing flowers and plants, but in these books I found many Italian spells on helping plants to grow stronger, on how to drive away the unwelcome insects or to recall the good ones, on which mushrooms use to make important natural medicines.

I’m so impressed !!

I do not think she knew what she was doing, maybe they were just traditional ways of her time that she had learned from her mother or her grandmother. She probably was not a real witch, but in practice she used spells !

My mother told me that she had rewritten those notebooks when she was younger to help my grandmother not to lose all her old pages that were yellowing and destroying. Actually, my aunt drew the many sketches that cover these pages, while the book’s image was cut out and pasted by my mother when she found the ones that appealed to my grandmother !

A splendid job of cooperation. And the best part is that none of the three were asking questions about what they were writing. Even now, they don’t believe that some of these are spells but only “ways of doing that work”.

Incredible :) 

Oh that’s a very good question, well this is my way of organizing mine :)

(in my case) what Wicca is and what it isn’t

the Rede

Initiation - a year and a day od lessons, ritual  and needed knowledge before the first degree- degrees

Beings and Creatures of the Spirit world

Energy- how it works, dimensions- levels- 

Magical names and how to get yours


Tools-Cleaning and loading them with energy

the difference of a coevn with an solitary Wiccan

 Meditation & Ritual energy

  • ways to meditate
  • step to step practice
  • how to ground yourself
  • how to create protection shields around you
  • how to work with the inner self and the shadow

Category : Index







category : Celebrations

Sabbats - History - Symbolism - Rituals

Esbats - History - Symbolism - Rituals

New Moons and the dark side of the moons, differences with Full Moons

Blue Moon rituals

category : Planets

Names - phases - symbolism of each Moon of the year

Planet hours of each day

check the weather through the moon and how it looks

category : Ways to see the future

tarot cards

hand reading


other cards



category : The Dark Side

ingredients not to use in potions-spells

corresponces-rituals of the dark aspect

category : Spells - Rituals - Chants- Potions 

how to make a spell - amulet - potion

more chants

at the end of the book, where someone will have to check for it to found it, i have added my family tree with all the witches in the family so one day my next generation can add their names hopefully, it’s a little thing but it’s important to me, if you’re a first generation witch it would be nice to have yourself at the top don’t you think? ;)

Blessed Be


Some of the plant sigils I have been making. I finally took the time to draw them out and make them a bit better.

Hemlock: From the hemlock’s blossom, death grows. 

  • Great for dispelling evil, ending relationships, and banishing abuse

Foxglove: Witches and fairies meet and make merry.

  • For when you wish to connect to the Otherworld, fairies, and to the witches of our past.

Bluebell: That which ails, shall be no more.

  • No illness shall take hold, this is great for warding the fairy shot.
Assistance in Weight Loss Candle Spell

Need help losing weight? Here’s a little spell I thought up

What you need:
Your sweat (seriously)
A white candle


Do whatever you are physically able to do to work up any kind of sweat.

By doing the physical activity of your choice you are building up energy.

When you are finished, wipe off your sweat and use it to dress your candle. Essentially you’re wiping your sweat on the candle. By doing this, you’re adding your physical energy to it.

Burn the candle

Envision yourself losing the weight as you meditate on the flame


“Inch by inch
off my waist,
pound by pound
I will lose.”

Substitute the unit of measurement as needed.

End the spell with:

“(In deities’ name/As I will it) it will be done”

Let the candle burn out.

Then treat yourself to a healthy snack! Exercise as often as you can, and within your ability to do so. Don’t push yourself beyond your limit. Continue to eat your recommended amount of meals per day, please don’t starve yourself.

I hope this helps.

The 13 steps of Wiccan ritual

1. Formulate an intention

2. Cleanse self

3. Cleanse Space

4. Cast a circle

5. Invoke 4 elements

6. Invoke God, Goddess and Spirit

7. State intention

8. Raise Energy

9. Release energy and intention into universe

10. Cakes and ale (or whatever beverage) this step is to ground you back into the mundane world

11. Release God, Goddess and Spirit

12. Release elements

13. Open circle.

This is specifically the general format for a Wiccan ritual. You can do magic and ask for things from any diety in a variety of different ways. For someone following a wiccan path, it is good to make sure all spells and intentions are fit into this format even if the source did not have it this way. I have purposefully left just the bare basics because how you do these things is up to you.

Energy Spell

4th Commissioned Spell


  • A drink (coffee would be best  XD)
  • A straw, spoon, or your finger


Meditate for a bit.  Visualize yourself gathering as much of your own energy as possible.  Focus that energy into either your finger or whatever item of choice to stir the drink.

Stir the drink clockwise.  Continue to build up energy.

Chant/or say out loud:

From drowsiness and sleepiness, I shall be free

I charge this drink with magickal energy

The energy in this drink will flow within me

As I will it, so shall it be

Drink whatever drink you chose.