Oh that’s a very good question, well this is my way of organizing mine :)

(in my case) what Wicca is and what it isn’t

the Rede

Initiation - a year and a day od lessons, ritual  and needed knowledge before the first degree- degrees

Beings and Creatures of the Spirit world

Energy- how it works, dimensions- levels- 

Magical names and how to get yours


Tools-Cleaning and loading them with energy

the difference of a coevn with an solitary Wiccan

 Meditation & Ritual energy

  • ways to meditate
  • step to step practice
  • how to ground yourself
  • how to create protection shields around you
  • how to work with the inner self and the shadow

Category : Index







category : Celebrations

Sabbats - History - Symbolism - Rituals

Esbats - History - Symbolism - Rituals

New Moons and the dark side of the moons, differences with Full Moons

Blue Moon rituals

category : Planets

Names - phases - symbolism of each Moon of the year

Planet hours of each day

check the weather through the moon and how it looks

category : Ways to see the future

tarot cards

hand reading


other cards



category : The Dark Side

ingredients not to use in potions-spells

corresponces-rituals of the dark aspect

category : Spells - Rituals - Chants- Potions 

how to make a spell - amulet - potion

more chants

at the end of the book, where someone will have to check for it to found it, i have added my family tree with all the witches in the family so one day my next generation can add their names hopefully, it’s a little thing but it’s important to me, if you’re a first generation witch it would be nice to have yourself at the top don’t you think? ;)

Blessed Be



I just find my Grandma’s Herbal Grimoire ! I’m so exited about that !!!!

I did not know that my grandmother was a “traditional” witch: she was a farmer who lived in the countryside and who loved growing flowers and plants, but in these books I found many Italian spells on helping plants to grow stronger, on how to drive away the unwelcome insects or to recall the good ones, on which mushrooms use to make important natural medicines.

I’m so impressed !!

I do not think she knew what she was doing, maybe they were just traditional ways of her time that she had learned from her mother or her grandmother. She probably was not a real witch, but in practice she used spells !

My mother told me that she had rewritten those notebooks when she was younger to help my grandmother not to lose all her old pages that were yellowing and destroying. Actually, my aunt drew the many sketches that cover these pages, while the book’s image was cut out and pasted by my mother when she found the ones that appealed to my grandmother !

A splendid job of cooperation. And the best part is that none of the three were asking questions about what they were writing. Even now, they don’t believe that some of these are spells but only “ways of doing that work”.

Incredible :) 

How to make Dragons Blood Ink.

Dragons Blood Ink is really simple to make, yet extremely powerful when writing spells, sigils, or talisman.

This is a small batch so if you wish for a larger quantity, just double the ingredients.

What you need.

1 tablespoon Dragons Blood power (grind Dragons Blood resin in a mortar)

1 tablespoon Gum Arabic

3 tablespoon 91% alcohol.

Mix ingredients until all powders are fully dissolved. This could take several minutes.

Filter through a cheesecloth into a vile or old ink jar.

And that’s it! You’re ready to begin writing your spells and sigils.