Ok, just let me explain :P (Sorry for the repetitive shots. Couldn’t pick any favorites)

So…I never planned on getting another Borytaur. I was totally content with just Magnus. Stupid me started browsing the MP and I fell upon this guy -_- Love at first sight, obviously. So I traded my Pukifee Bonnie and a bunch of other stuff, and here he is!

I’ve named him Prism. His previous owner (Who is awesome) painted his faceup, body blushing, and started blushing his feet, which I will continue. And I just put my Rikkuliam wig on him XD So for now, he is a Rabbit Unicenta, LOL


I think I’ve found Dakota’s true identity! And it might warrant a name change…

When I buy dolls, I try to come up with a name and at least a basic back-story before I commit to the purchase. I want to make sure they will fit into the world I’ve created for my dolls so that they don’t end up a random, stand alone character. My ideas for Dakota were totally off the mark. I thought it would be cute to give him a cowboy/western theme, but then he wouldn’t fit in so well with the high fantasy world I’ve created. He IS a centaur, but it would still be a stretch.

I didn’t think I would love his clear resin parts so much. They have glitter in them and they are BEAUTIFUL. I was going to paint over them, but now I couldn’t bear to! So the cowboy idea flew out the window because I think a magic cowboy would be a little bit too much. So a new idea began to form… His hooves confirmed it. He is a dreamwalker. I’m not 100% sure what that means yet (other than he can do white/healing magic and travel into the spirit world), but it seemed a fitting title. :D

I have this staff from Soom Borol/Marl that was originally for Gwydion, but it’s PERFECT for Dakota! Gwydion would be better off with a spear and/or some daggers anyway. He’s more of a warrior than a sorcerer.

Aaaaanyway! Now I’m torn about the name Dakota. I really like it, but since his role has changed, I’m not sure it suits him anymore. Gotta think about this one…