We finally got chartered!!! It was really nice being able to see everyone again. These guys have been there for me in so many ways and I’ve really come to understand and live by our values: Character, Friendship, Justice, Education. Never in a million years thought that I would join a fraternity, but I’m so glad I did because I’ve met great people, formed close bonds and I can call them my brothers. #BornProudRaisedProud #DeltaChi #dchi #ΔΧ #UCR #RiversideChapter

#123Years of pure excellence. 123 Years of an amazing #brotherhood. 123 years ago on this day 11 men came together and started the #DeltaChi #Fraternity at Cornell University. And 123 years later this organization continues to thrive and grow. I am beyond proud to be a brother of this fraternity and wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy #FoundersDay to all my brothers world wide, and to one of the bet things that’s ever happened to me! #Dchi #ΔΧ #BornProudRaisedProud