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I would say Wales is awesome…but while the valleys are actually kinda nice to look at from mountains and shit, the rest of it is a bit crap and everyone should get out while they can. Ha

hahaha well cheers for the heads up now i’m already here and stuck here until saturday :p although i suppose at least i get to go home at the end of it, you are kind of stuck ;) it’s not bad, it’s very pretty to look at and everything, i just think i’m allergic to the countryside in general, ha.


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Lmao! At least go to a proper place to find someone, like don’t just go anywhere or have it done in someone’s kitchen or whatever…I know people that have done that and hey have awful tattoos and got infections in the tattoo while it was healing :/

Haha I wouldn’t I think I would look stupid with tattoos anyway and probably wait for when I get into the Navy but I really do want at least two tattoos I have in mind anyway :D


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I had morphine in hospital once, it was the best day. Ever.

Just realised I have to look after him now… this is not even funny, he’s an annoying pissed high man.

I’m going to end up killing him and he will not just sit bloody still -.-‘


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Lmao, I’ll get pictures for you then. And nah it’s because you need to wash it after you get it done and keep it clean, but at a festival it’s not the cleanest environment and looking after it will be shit. Especially for 5 days :(

See normal people just get it done at a Tattoo parlour! Makes life so much easier! xD and yes picture! Tattoos are Focking awesome


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I’ll post them later if you want? And I want the slipknot S but like, in the style from the ‘volume 3’ album :) I’ve loved slipknot since I was 12/13 so… Ha! I was offered some tattoo time at download if I go but don’t want a festival tattoo

Only thing about a festival tattoo is you will probably be drunk when you get it… when you get screwed over! :P and yes post them! 

I just want, Siv Vis Pacem, Para Bellum with fancy shit around it and a Wolf between tribal stuff down my arm and when I get into the Navy I want a Navy tattoo because I’m sad like that xD