I go to bed at 10:30pm every night
I wake up at 9 am every morning
I don’t listen to my music loudly in my car anymore
Lately I don’t play any music at all when I’m driving.
I tried painting with colors
But in the end I just wanted everything gray
I laugh at stupid things
I don’t sit down for meals anymore
Eyeshadow isn’t fun to wear
And I waste my days with cleaning and singing and sleeping

You could say this is healthier
But I feel horribly sick and life is just boring as fuck without you

—  December 2014 thoughts and probably most of my happy new year!
build something subversive

subversive because it’s utterly incomprehensible to everyone outside the electrical shielding that holds yr mind in and subversive because it interfaces with the outside world in a way incompatible with every learned ontology and every one available on bookshelves machine screens and common discourse

manifest the aberrant fixations you perceive

do it for me vicariously