something about how people only take trans women seriously when they can paint them as a threat

like, thinking about how one woman with a ‘die cis scum’ tattoo, one woman trying to make visible the distance between political acceptance and sexual desirability, and one woman talking about the power position of nontransitioning white nonbinary people within trans spaces have each, over the past few years, triggered huge discussions in communities i’m a part of as if these were policy decisions, not statements made by individual trans women with basically zero structural power

listen even if a trans woman wanted to murder all cis people or force all dykes to fuck trans women or push nonbinary people out of queer communities – even if that were the case, which it’s usually not, because statements like ‘die cis scum’ are made in a context of anger and frustration at transphobia! – it’s not like she’d be able to

anyway internet we do not have to have a Conversation whenever a trans woman makes a statement you find uncomfortable for whatever reason TIA

So Sixy

☀️ The weather is amazing here today, just want to be out in it!

☀️ Considering taking 15 and 11 to comic book store, but watadad might need 15 to help work at in laws, so idk what I’m gonna do. Maybe go now and the drop him off.

☀️ I should got grocery shopping but I really hate it so much.

☀️ I went to Salvation Army earlier and saw this dining room table, I really like it, it’s $300. I just don’t want to spend that right now, ugh. I’ll post a pic.

☀️ I am losing the migraine war , I have one pill left, guess I have to take it.

☀️ Maybe I can gift myself the gym membership for Mother’s Day . Commit to spinning, I really love it.

I sometimes type out something that’s semi-personal, go to click ‘post’ then back out at the last minute and reblog something nice to look at instead. This happens more than I care to admit. I guess just know this - there is more to me than you see on the surface and there are plenty of things I will never talk about especially not on the Internet.
Basically tattoos and photos of rubbish is mostly who I am but it’s not the entire sum of my parts.

instead of posting about it whenever anyone says something contemptuous or ignorant to me online i’ve started saying ‘eat a bag of dicks’ out loud to myself and i think it’s way more productive

Blograteees ☺ 💕

Ich mach heute mal Blogrates und bewerte: url, posts und follow ja/nein
Und ihr müsst
- mir folgen oder auch nicht
- diesen Eintrag rebloggen
- entweder oder frage stellen oder irgendwelche anderen fragen
- warten und freuen :)

women desiring women generally is hard because as a woman you learn to auto-objectify. so it’s hard, maybe impossible, not to compare yourself to the objects of your desire and find yourself wanting

trans women desiring women generally is hard in because you’ve been immersed in this culture that says that just like all other women, your worth is based on your success in objectifying yourself according to patriarchal values, but your womanhood and maybe your survival is also

and trans women desiring trans women specifically is hard because we so often don’t have language for admiration and desire that isn’t rooted in envy

so when we create a space for desire to happen freely, without undertones of bitterness or self-pity, that is valuable work