what you want

someone normal but different enough that you can tell. funny, strange, filled with righteous anger and willing to perform it. threatening, but not too threatening. someone who will autocharacterize with only the slightest encouragement. spectacular in her unpredictability, grotesque and revelling. a marginal subject, an icon, an Internet Celebrity. way better than any, big-titted, big-dicked fantasy because sometimes, she’ll deign to grace you with attention. if you want, you can imagine what it’d be like to fuck her. or maybe, not without some shame, about what it’d be like for her to fuck you. above all: yielding, useful, yours.

China or No China??

I keep going back and forth on whether I want to put China on my registry or not. Part of me thinks I can just get an additional white casual dining set to use for dinner parties/special occasions, but the other part of me thinks Kate Spade china is so damn pretty. China is such a bitch though, it’s like a never ending money pit…. and it’s pretty old school. 

Here is what I am thinking right now. I like this for my casual dining set…

And then I could do this casual white set for special occasions…… because white is simple and easy to dress up….

Or I could do this freaking adorable money pit of china…..


anonymous asked:

i have a rant and i know you'll agree with me: i dont know anymore which larc~en~ciel pics are old or new because all photo shoots look the same for at least 3 years now :((((

right? there’s a reason why I tag all of their recent shit (as in L’20 and beyond) as endless spring 2011