askzazayn I want you to try to get along with your brothers and sisters remember the ones you don’t like. it would make your other dada really happy if did. PLease baby if not for hm for me and your little borhter or sister. 

xrlert said:

“I trust you. That’s bigger to me than I love you.”

       A warm smile toward her companion, that was one of the contenting things she had heard in the longest of times. Even though love meant many things including trust, the words ‘I trust you' alone were ones that warmed the soul and made one's thoughts glow. Looking up to him, she nodded, trying to prevent her smile becoming a grin, though it was proving difficult.  The words alone made her happy enough to want to hug him, something she hadn't done in a long time either, maybe it was because Armin felt somewhat homely, he kept her grounded and honestly, he deserved one, he was like the brothers that she watched walk away, except he was still here. With that she wrapped her arms around him, still with that silly smile on her face before she had to depart for the mission, he was trusting her to come back and she was trusting him to be there when she got back.


”’Trust you more, Armin.

its really a shame that i cant tell exaclty what my borhter is watchign from all the way across the house just baed on the gavin sounds

he’s watching the minecraft rage quit with gav 

do i go to france or not i do NOT want to borhter them but i reall want to visit and let them see how mich i appreciate them but do they WANT me there or NOT i cant tell im so bad at this i dont know like amybe they really do want me but are only telling me ‘u can if u want’ because theyre afraid theyre pressruzing me and $$ issues and i just

i think im very easily upset/affected by things but i get over things really quciklyn so ill yell at my borhter tot he point of almsot screaming because hes trying to start a fight with me then forget then do the same thing later looool


”Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.”


Amelia was born youngest daughter to pureblood Bones family and unlike her two older borhters she was not hyperactive and bubbly and always around to play and make everyone’s day better. Amelia always prefered being alone in her room reading stories about faraway lands and adventures of her favorite heroes. She was the smart one, one that knew answers to most questions, one that listened to people with intention to understand and help. She was everyone’s favorite, always objective no matter what situation she found herself in and this is why her parents adored her. Not only was she the only daughter, with beautiful blonde hair and bright eyes, she was also the smartest and most promising member of their family. 

When her letter finally arrived Amelia was thrilled. She was the curious child and couldn’t wait to experience Hogwarts for herself. To finally see what her brothers were always talking about. All the teachers and corridors and magic sealing in the Great Hall. 

And she wasn’t disappointed. As soon as she arrived, school left her breathless. She loved everything about it. Sorting hat placed her in Ravenclaw, even though she was hoping to be placed in Hufflepuff with her brother, she soon found out that people in Ravenclaw are much like her. They loved literature and music, it was always nice and quiet in the common room. She especially enjoyed the riddles that would have to be solved before one entered the common room, even though it sometimes took her a while to figure it out.

Amelia is on her fifth year now and she hasn’t changed much. She’s still the ambitious girl who wants to work for the ministry and get something out of her life. She spends most of her time studying for her OWL’s and when she’s not studying or reading she spends time with her friends and occasionally even her brother. Although they used to be much closer, Amelia still enjoys seeing him and talking to him whenever she can.

When it comes to war, Amelia is neutral. She doesn’t want any part in it even though she is strongly opposed to any kind of discrimination towards those whose blood they consider less pure. However, she never talks much about it unless it’s the open topic in the common room. She hates conflict and if she was to be found in one she would simply walk away.


Amelia is smart, determined and hardworking. She takes her education very seriously and puts rules and work before any kind of fun. This is why like most Ravenclaws she is considered to be a ‘stuck up’ but she doesn’t particularity care about the opinion of others. 

She is also a good friend and a good person. She would help anyone in need no matter what. Even people she doesn’t actually like. Many would say that she’s a bit naive, but Amelia knows what she’s doing very well. She’s very independent and wise beyond her years. She hopes it will serve her well in the future.


Edgar Bones — He is her brother and her best friend. She can tell him everything and she loves him more than she shows. She’s not one that shows her emotions easily but she really does care deeply for her brother. It makes her sad that they no longer spend much time together and she takes every chance she gets to make him some tea and listen to him talk about his latest adventures at Hogwarts.

Daisy Hookum — Is a girl she met on her first year and girls became friends instantly. They both share love for literature and Amelia often reads short stories Daisy likes to write late at night. She admires the girl and her talent and believes that she can become a famous writer someday.

Otto Bagman — Otto is her borther’s best friend and she sees him around way more than she would like to. He often tries to cheer her up and get her in trouble, but she swiftly turns him down every time. He annoys her more than she cares to admit, but then again after all the years he spent flying around her she grew fond of him. For one, she no longer wishes for him to be attacked by a large tornado od pixies. 


• Member of the Dueling Club and Frog Choir (up to roleplayer) • Neutral regarding the war • 5th year Ravenclaw prefect (up to roleplayer)

when the fuck is smash borhters coming out when the fuck is gta v coming out i have nothing except homework to do