So somehow I was able to put together an event where Jeph Jacques of “Questionable Content” fame came to talk to us here at Brandeis!

I did not get too many photos during the actual Q&A portion of the event itself, but if my estimating skills are anywhere near decent, we probably had about 60ish people in the room at the event’s peak.

Jeph is super cool and super chill and super funny - and I think everyone who came had a great time. I know I did.

So thank you to everyone who came out and asked great questions, and thank you especially Jeph for coming to talk to us and hang with us!

The story of Borgle

It is the most classic story of me and Kiichii ever, it dates back to…I don’t know, around 7th grade or something 

I was having a sleepover with her one night and I had woken up before her for once, I was just laying there beside her staring at the ceiling to wake up, sort of waiting for her and she started making these noises so I thought she was waking up but she was actually sleep talking 

and they died down after a while but then all of the sudden she rolls over (and slaps me with her arm, but I digress,) and she goes “Mmmmmborgle” and other sounds like that 

so I try to wake her up and she waves me away and sits up to get her water bottle and I laugh (thinking she’s awake still) and say something about the thing she just said and she more or less turns to me and goes “Did you just call me a borgle?” 

and I try to say something but she flops back down next to me and pulls the blanket over her head and goes back to sleep

and then later when she woke up I told her about how she was sleeptalking or half-awake talking to me and she didn’t remember any of it but laughed really hard about it and since then that was our word. It was a word that we fit anywhere in a sentence to replace any word pretty much. 

And there you have it. That was the best instance of sleep-talking I’ve ever experienced.