Pottermore Guilt

Collecting things on Pottermore makes me feel like a bad person.

I “collected” like, six books from the Weasleys’ book shelf, and their fire tongs. I “collected” 5 galleons for Borgin and Burkes. I “collected” a book from Flourish and Blotts.

I mean, the galleons were in a drawer THAT I OPENED TO TAKE THEM FROM. The book was IN THE WINDOW OF THE STORE. 

Any minute now the Pottermore Police (Potterlice?) are going to come after me and be like, “You didn’t have to collect those things. You could have said ‘no.’ Borgin was going to put that money towards a life-saving surgery for his daughter. The Weasleys froze to death because they couldn’t stoke their fire. THAT BOOK WAS ON RESERVE FOR SOMEONE.”

But they gave me house points, so it was all worth it, right?


It was no secret what her father Alexandre Belrose did for a living, a Mafia boss, one that was a very respected man, no one dared to get on the wrong side of him, aware of what he did daily, he was a very skilled man. The Belrose’s were very wealthy, there wasn’t a chance to deny that, their home was beautiful and large, the expensive taste, as her mother Juliet liked to point out. 

As she lingered in the streets of London, her home town, the ebony haired noticed something out of the ordinary, but chose to ignore it, chose to ignore the slightest bit of something appearing different - as though she had studied the streets of London, due to her time living in the busy town. Allowing her high heeled shoes to clog upon the cobbled streets, today had been a very busy and stressful day, working at Borgin and Burkes, which was still missing an creative name for the company, after all she couldn’t keep the original owners names as the shop title. It was booming, it was becoming busy, the shop door wouldn’t stop opening, the faces of customers, the questions that were directed at her about the objects that had lingered in her shop. She had done this, her and her husband James had created the business and now it was extremely perfect - the profits were incredibly high and that wasn’t exactly hard. 

Turning the corner towards a short cut to her home, the five foot four was greeted by two very large masked males, their faces covered by the very dark colour, one of males had placed their hand over her mouth, to stop her from making any sort of noise - to attract any sort of attention from the public, to alert them that someone, a female was in trouble. Watching with her rather terrified, chocolate wide hues, as she witnessed one of the males grabbing something from in his pocket, something to silence her - tape. As they apparated to an abandoned warehouse, it was a rather revolting smell as she was placed upon something, a bed, and her body checked for any sharp objects that could be used, even despite being a vampire, she was no match for the larger males, after all they were probably about two hundred pounds bigger then her diminutive size.

Anton had forcefully grabbed hold of her wrists and chained her to the bed, ensuring his own safety, that she wasn’t going anywhere. “You know why your here Orla, your father has wronged us, he owes us money and we know that if he finds out that his only daughter has disappeared without a trace, then maybe he’ll get the message, if not then he truly didn’t care about you, what a pity, your very attractive” He whispered softly, allowing himself to demand for the other male, David to call for the attention of a third male that was going to enjoy torturing this female, like them. “Alistair, we’ve got a feisty one here, you ought to see to her!” Anton chuckled darkly before allowing himself to leave the room, as Orla awaited, her body trembling with fear, why did they take her? If they wanted her father so badly, then why hadn’t they got him? All the questions that she wanted to ask, but no one was here, her cries muffled by the tape over her blood like lips.

bloodtraiitor asked:

whats draco's favourite dark artifact?

Main de la Gloire,”   
Hand of Glory  “

The Hand of Glory is the dried and pickled hand of a man
           who has been hanged, often specified as being the
                left   (Latin: sinister )  hand, or, if the man were
                  hanged for murder, the hand that “did the deed.”

Insert a candle and it gives light
     only to the holder! Best friend
        of thieves and plunderers!

Borgin explaining the artefact’s power to Draco Malfoy
       second year when he showed extreme interest in it.

The Hand of Glory is a magical instrument which appears often in mystic lore. In general, it is described as a severed and preserved human hand, (maybe made of wax) with a candle implanted on it. The various powers ascribed to a Hand Of Glory include the ability to immobilise anyone who looks at it, or unlock any door it comes across. It was traditionally used by thieves, since it allowed them to see in otherwise total darkness, open locked doors, and immobilise guards. In some dark magical ceremonies, Hands of Glory were reputed to have been used as the source of illumination.

Draco bought this his sixth year and used this sixth year to get
 past the Aurors and D.A. He currently still has it in his room,
 sitting on his bookshelf,   wanting to find another excuse to use it..

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Name: Ami House: Ravenclaw Blood status: muggle born Patronus: Rabbit Wand: 12&1/2" Yew/dragon's heart string Job: Borgen and Burkes

Hm, Borgin and Burkes have had some financial issues lately, everything sorted out now?

so i was thinking about draco malfoy’s room and i figure he’d have his own nice fireplace with a mantle and stuff. there’d be posters of his favorite quidditch team and some stuff he thought was rly cool from borgin and burkes and diagon alley, then some slytherin memorabilia and pictures of him and his friends (he probs hung up his POTTER STINKS button). then there’d also be nice interior decoration like expensive glass vases and nice curtains and shit like that. but it’d all be so clearly draco.

there’d also be a large family portrait right above the fireplace mantle. 

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I'm stuck between Catherine Goyle, Isadora Crabbe, and Mercy Borgin! Help?

I know that our Hope Borgin would adore seeing her sister, Mercy, on the dash! So, she is easily an excellent choice. If you would think it would be more fun to play an older adult at this point, I would suggest going with Isadora Crabbe. She has more taken connections! - Admin Mel

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There are quite a few pairs who have no idea they'd be perfect together... who do you think really should just make it happen already?

We feel like little ray of sunshine Gladys Gudgeon could take her adorable up another notch and pair off with another cutie like Lucas Abbott.

On the other side of the spectrum, everyone’s favorite charmer Antonin Dolohov needs someone who can keep up with him. Trinity Zabini could possibly catch his eye if she wasn’t holding her head so high all the time. 

We’ve heard a rumor that Kiara Roze is sowing her wild oats outside the castle (what else could all those late nights out on the town be for?), but if she’s got any leftover love to live, our vote goes to someone unpredictable like Stubby Boardman or Ulysses Yannos

Finally, we’re rooting for the so-far underrated Hope Borgin. Often drowned out in the light of her…we’ll say “bolder” counterpart, Hope just isn’t getting the attention she deserves. She may be quiet, but those are always the ones you have to watch out for…aren’t they?

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a fic that was set during HBP, the scene where harry was eavesdropping the slytherins inside the cabin to hogwarts// but for dhr, the fic that im looking for, hermione volunteered to check on draco instead. at borgin's too. please help it's killing me