Fresh Air critic at large John Powers reviews the Danish political drama Borgen, about a woman who unexpectedly becomes Denmark’s prime minister. Borgen sets itself apart from other political dramas like House of Cards, Veep, and The West Wing: 

"I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a show that’s better at capturing the personal cost of political life. For Birgitte [above], power doesn’t so much corrupt as isolate. The more successful she becomes as PM, the more her private world dwindles. Her circle of friends shrinks, her children feel neglected, and her marriage to the funny, liberal-minded Philip — a onetime CEO who’s put his career on hold — starts to founder. Losing her knack for intimacy, she begins talking to him like a prime minister making points in a cabinet meeting."

Every episode of Borgen ever:
  • Birgitte:I'm gonna do the thing.
  • Bent:Birgitte, don't do the thing!
  • Birgitte:Too late, I did the thing.
  • Kasper:Birgitte, you shouldn't have done the thing. Also I fucked up my love life?
  • Katrine:Today the Prime Minister did the thing.