Weekend Giveaway: Golem Workshop Edition! - Finished!

Hello hello! Has everyone been having fun in the new Coliseum venue? I love it, but it’s definitely challenging! For those whose teams aren’t quite ready for the Workshop, (or just haven’t had time to grind!), this week’s giveaway is a sampling of some of the nice things you can find there:

That’s 10 of the new familiars, and a sampling of the foods.♥

Rules are the same as always. Reblog once with your FR username and ID # to enter - likes makes me feel loved but don’t count as an entry. You can enter multiple names/IDs in one reblog, so long as they’re only entered ONCE - if they show up in another post I’ll ignore both entries. (So enter your friends if you like, but make sure no one else is entering them as well!) You don’t have to be following me to enter.:) Giveaway ends sometime Sunday, December 14, (Not December 7, argh! Sorry for the confusion, and thanks to everyone who pointed it out to me!), before rollover; I’ll update this post when it’s done so be sure to check back here. 

Good luck, and have a great weekend!:)

*edit* and done! Congratulations whuffprints - hope you like it all!:)

Ash Borer & Hell Summer 2014 Tour Dates:

06.25.14 - Seattle, WA - Highline
06.26.14 - Portland, OR - Rotture
06.27.14 - Arcata, CA - The Alibi
06.28.14 - Oakland, CA - TBA
06.29.14 - Santa Cruz, CA - Catalyst Atrium
06.30.14 - San Diego, CA - Che Cafe
07.01.14 - Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room
07.02.14 - Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad
07.03.14 - Marfa, TX - Padre’s
07.04.14 - Austin, TX - Mohawk
07.05.14 - New Orleans, LA - TBA
07.06.14 - Birmingham, AL - The Bottletree
07.07.14 - Nashville, TN - The Rutledge
07.08.14 - Greensboro, NC - TBA
07.09.14 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
07.10.14 - Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery
07.11.14 - Philadelphia PA - Millcreek Tavern
07.12.14 - New York, NY - St. Vitus
07.14.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Shop
07.15.14 - Detroit, MI - Trumbullplex
07.16.14 - Indianapolis, IN - Belt and Leather Shoppe
07.17.14 - Chicago, IL - Club Rectum
07.18.14 - Oshkosh, WI - Gilead Media Fest
07.21.14 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple J
07.22.14 - Omaha/Lincoln, NE - TBA
07.23.14 - Denver, CO - TBA
07.25.14 - Boise, ID - The Crux

This was a rather unfortunate and yucky find today on the steps at school.  I’m pretty sure it’s either a Broad Necked Borer or Ponderous Borer or closely related magnificent beetle.  I hope it was accidentally trampled on, as I’ve never seen one in person and would have loved to have seen it alive :(

Synanthedon polygoni - Buckwheat root borer | ©Ryan Johnson  (Los Angeles, California)

Synanthedon polygoni, also known as Buckwheat root borer, is regarded as the most polymorphic species of Sesiidae moths. Most specimens are blue-black with various patterns of orange and red on the wings, legs, and abdomen. The degree of opacity on the wings is highly variable, and wingspan is 7-12 mm. Females and males appear very similar.

This species occurs from Chihuahua and northern Baja California (Mexico) north to Alaska [1].

(via "Femme fatale" emerald ash borer decoy lures and kills males | Penn State University)

An international team of researchers has designed decoys that mimic female emerald ash borer beetles and successfully entice male emerald ash borers to land on them in an attempt to mate, only to be electrocuted and killed by high-voltage current.

Emerald ash borer has decimated the native ash tree population in the United States over the past few years, and has shown no sign of slowing down. To combat this threat to our forests, one team has apparently decided to go full tilt Terminator

The researchers — including entomologists and engineers at Penn State, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Forest Research Institute in Matrafured, Hungary, and the USDA — created the decoys using a bioreplication process with nanoscale fidelity.

If you want to find out what exactly that means, click through to read the full article. I for one welcome our new robotic beetle overlords. ~LM


Locust Borer (Megacyllene robiniae)

…a species of longhorn beetle who’s population follows that of the black locust tree in the United States. Like their common name and range suggest locust borers depend heavily on locust trees, as they are a vital part of their life cycle. Adult locust borers will lay their eggs in locust trees in the fall, the larvae will hibernate through the winter. Once winter ends the larvae will tunnel through the tree feeding along the way. They will pupate in late July/ early August, and the adults will emerge in late August through September. Adults are active during the day and feed on goldenrod. 



Images: Joe Schuller and bugsrock


Glorious Squash Vine Borer (Melittia gloriosa)

Also known as the Manroot or Big-root borer, the glorious squash vine borer is a species of Sesiid clearwing moth which occurs in the southwestern United States and Mexico. Adult glorious squash vine borers are typically active from August to September and will feed on nectar. True to their common name glorious squash vine borer larvae will bore in the large tubers of various cucurbitaceous plants. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Lepidoptera-Sesioidea-Sesiinae-Melittiini-Melittia-M. gloriosa

Image(s): ©Jim McCulloch