It must be nice to be Western and superior. It must be nice to judge from afar a grieving and poorly understood nation that is often confused with China. As Singapore came to terms this week with the loss of a titan, the country also came under scrutiny, a great deal of which was admiring in a back-handed way.

After Lee Kuan Yew died, The Guardian newspaper devoted an entire article to his policy on chewing gum. Decades of phenomenal GDP growth, the lowest crime rate in the region and top-notch healthcare, and Westerners are still talking about the friggin’ chewing gum. This is like being complimented on your English.


do you see the racism in white superiority, our nation’s hero just past away and instead of talking about all he have done in raising our country, the guardian did an entire news coverage on the ban.

- Article extract from by Joyce Hooi

What/who they can't stand:

Aries: being bossed around
Taurus: change
Gemini: boredom
Cancer: people that don’t appreciate their families
Leo: being ignored/the cold shoulder
Virgo: feeling used and/or abused
Libra: disharmony
Scorpio: being lied to
Sagittarius: killjoys & buzzkills
Capricorn: tardiness, being made late
Aquarius: conformity & rules
Pisces: fights


#Boredom.. 😜

anonymous asked:

Do you know how to cope with boredom. But I mean,excessive boredom.

There is no way to “cope” with boredom, you need to begin pushing personal boundaries; there is always something to be done, oppression to transcend, experiences to explore, a universe to comprehend, intimate connections to establish with others, and challenges that provide fuel for personal refinement. 

Boredom of such a significant magnitude often reflects a lack of initiative, rooted in the misconception that the unfulfilling routines we commit to, are the extent of what we’re capable of experiencing.

Limit time spent on mediums of pseudo-interaction, such as television, video games, movies, and cell phones; you do not want to undermine the vivid sensation of living, by isolating yourself in the flat world of simulation.

We didn’t persist through billions of years of grueling evolution to surrender our will to artificial luxuries and degenerate in complacency. Realize you are going to die, your opportunity is limited; worse case scenario, you go back to staring at your computer screen. You’ve got nothing to lose.