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You! Me! Dancing! // Los Campesinos!

"And I always get confused, because in supermarkets they turn the lights off when they want you to leave, but in discos they turn them on. And it’s always sad to go, but it’s never that sad, because there’s only so many places you’re guaranteed of getting a hug when you leave. And then on the way home, it always seems like a good idea to go paddling in the fountain, and that’s because it is a good idea. And were just like, how Rousseau depicts man in the state of nature: we’re undeveloped, we’re ignorant, we’re stupid, but we’re happy."

Allen Stone @ The Troubadour on Flickr.

March of 2012 brought about a double header of Allen Stone, who is our most blogged about Showcase artist to date.

The Picture here was taken on the first of his 2 nights at The Troubadour. It says so much with just one frozen pose.

Read all about it:

19yroldveganfeminist asked:

hi!! once you get this you must list five things you love about yourself & then past it on to a few (~10) of your favorite followers!! have fun, & remember to love yourself!!

Hi!! Let’s see

1) My eyes as vain as that is I think they are awesome and change colors

2) My personality and ability to make friends with anyone

3) My weirdness lol I never get bored with myself

4) my musical talent

5) my ability to do multiple voice impressions


The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

OMG reached 700 followers! 🙈 thankyou so much! Ly all 😘😉

Emeli Sande @ Bootleg Bar [04/18/12] on Flickr.

Shot with The Canon Powershot S100. Loved that camera so much at small venues. (It’s retired BTW)

Can you imagine that fresh British pop artist Emeli Sande was first showcased at LA’s Bootleg Bar in April of 2012. Now she’s all over the radio. And I was there. Great talent.

More reasons why you should check her out: