Here’s something we haven’t shown yet. It’s a comic called Borderworld that we draw and publish one page at the time in swedish fantasy/adventure/sci-fi anthology called UTOPI (utopia).

It originates from an early board game concept we worked on a few years back, before we started PEOW!. The game was basically Parcheesy or Ludo or Fia med knuff in swedish, but with a twist. Each color had four different teams you could choose to play and each of the teams had their own play strengths. 2/3 of us play Magic so some of the mechanics were borrowed from that.

Anywho, it turned out that the game was really crappy (there’s soooo much work behind a well balanced game we found out) but the teams were kinda cool so we made a comic out of it!

We’re thinking of maybe translate this to english so more peeps can enjoy it, any interest? (We’ll probably do it anyway!)