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Borboletta is the sixth studio album by Santana. It is one of his jazz-funk-fusion oriented albums, along with Caravanserai, Welcome, Love Devotion Surrender with John McLaughlin, and Illuminations with Alice Coltrane, Jack DeJohnette and Jules Broussard. The guitarist leaves a lot of room to percussion, saxophone and keyboards to set moods (“Spring Manifestations”), as well as lengthy solos by himself (“Promise of a Fisherman”) and vocals (“Give and Take”, a funky guitar-led song). The record was released in a shiny blue sleeve displaying a butterfly, an allusion to the album Butterfly Dreams by Brazilian musician Flora Purim and her husband Airto Moreira, whose contributions deeply influenced the sound of Borboletta.


I saw that #Santana has released another horrifying collection of collaborations (Pitbull? Really, Carlos? That’s the equivalent of Matchbox 200000000000!) at #Starbucks last night (next to the #Oprah teas). In recognition of this further scraping of the bottom of the barrel, I am waking the kids up this morning with one of Carlos Santana’s masterpieces, #Borboletta. Carlos, may you live long and enjoy a late-career return to your true self. Much love and thanks, CC. (at Malta Park)

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Santana “Give and Take” 1975 (by LockOnNow)


June 12, 2012

Beautiful Album cover day, Guys! I keep going back to the classics. Here is Santana’s Borboletto. It was his sixth studio album released in 1974 by CBS, Inc (Miracle Music and Berna Music).

Though his guitar playing was the main attraction, Santana leaves adequate room for percussion, saxophone, keyboard and vocals to shine. As a result the sound is a melange of Afro-Cuban Jazz, Fusion, Hard Rock, Jazz-Funk, Classic Rock.

The record has an eye-catching, shimmering, iridescent blue cover and sleeve displaying cool graphics including a butterfly (Borboletta in Spanish.) The album design was by Santana himself aided by Barry Imhoff. The art director was Ed Lee who is also a designer and photographer and has a large portfolio of record covers amongst other media as he is active even today. The credits for lettering have been given to Eloisa Vega.

Released in 1974 by CBS/Miracle Music/Berna Music AL 33135

Here’s a picture.



Here are the mp3s of Promise of A Fisherman and Borboletta (both from same album)

É triste pensar que estás a fazer o bem para os outros e depois… Um dia vens aperceber-te que esses outros nunca gostaram de ti e o bem que lhe fizeste não tem valor algum para essas pessoas..
—  Borboletta Sonhadora