..and use them to take back more than they cost. [x]

John’s ~Windy Thing~ is surprisingly useful around the house. Karkat is impressed despite himself because he suxx at making the bed. He didn’t have to make his recooperacoon back in alternia so John has had heaps more practice than him ok and WHAT IS THE POINT OF MAKING THE BED ANYWAY IT’S ONLY GOING TO GET MESSY AGAIN WHEN YOU LIE IN IT.

Still, he’s impressed. A little.

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Some Nights (Intro)

And here’s this beautiful thing where boppinrobin decided to spice up Intro with the soprano bit that is always missing from the live version.

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Ah sorry about the broadness. I'm looking to buy my partner's niece and nephew (7 and 5 y.o. respectively) books for Christmas. Both of them seem to be a bit scarred by having started school as they feel like they're not particularly 'bright' so I'm trying to be encouraging but have no idea where to start.

oh! first of all i am sorry to hear that :( i don’t really have the expertise to recommend books based on whether how much they would be able to read them even if i did have their reading levels sooo i will just name some books i’ve seen kids that age be into and also tag boppinrobin, allofthefeelings, and kristyskrushers as people i follow who might have more ideas and/or sounder reasons for recommending them than i do! generally speaking these are probably books for reading aloud to them (especially the 5 year old, it’s a sad fact that it is very difficult to write a fun book that most 5 year olds can read), which might not be encouraging re: their self-assessment but might do something towards keeping books a potentially fun thing in their minds and hearts! (these are all picture books, also, and while i know that i was reading non-picture books at 7, i was an unusually fast reader, and think that when you are 7 picture books make for the most exciting christmas presents anyway, even if you are reading books without them already, and maybe especially if you are feeling wary about school. BUT that means i’ve left a huge chunk of children’s literature out sooo. my biggest non-picture book rec would have been the diary of a wimpy kid books because those are a MONSTROUS SMASH WITH THE CHILDREN RIGHT NOW but google suggests they are for ages 8 to 12! so, maybe next year.)

mo willems is a hugely popular author in early elementary classrooms right now for good reasons! his books are silly and cute and kids loooove them, i mean LOVE them.

dr. seuss is a no-brainer but like his stuff rly holds up astonishingly well! the horton books i have found to be very emotionally engaging for children because horton is such an honorable character but they are a little more challenging to read (so  better for read alouds especially for very young readers) than something like one fish two fish red fish blue fish, which is also great.

actually a lot of “classics” in my experience continue to earn their place in the pantheon - i found a list of classics put together by the children’s librarian’s at the new york public library, which is very broad and has a lot i’ve never read, but like, every picture book on there i have read i have also see kids be into. like: i’ve never met a kid who didn’t like where the wild things are, jumanji is a lot of fun (altho definitely a read aloud book - the same author wrote a bunch of other stuff most of which i’m not familiar with but the polar express is obviously very beloved AND he apparently also did the z was zapped, an alphabet play in which every letter meets a tragic demise, which i’d forgotten about but loved as a kid, and recommend on nostalgic impulse with the caveat that i was a morbid kid but also with the note that a lot of kids have a morbid streak that sometimes surprises adults which is why roald dahl is still so popular!), goodnight moon, the snowy day, ALL ERIC CARLE BOOKS, harold and the purple crayon, strega nona, the story of ferdinand, alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day (and its sequels!), mufaro’s beautiful daughters… all great. if you have a library with a children’s wing near you, maybe you could stop by and ask their librarian for advice? also if their parents know of any books they already like you can get them new ones by the same authors! (like… based on my experiences in K-2 classrooms in recent years… if you’re in the US they probably already know mo willems. lol.)

my biggest and also vaguest (sorry!) recommendation would be, if possible, to try and get them something that connects to something they already like. like, one reason the horton’s books have a v. special place in my heart is because i watched a girl who had told me she didn’t like reading get super passionate about how unjust everyone was being to horton, but the reason horton intrigued her in the first place was that i asked her what she might like to read a book about and she said “funny animals.” (if either of them do like funny animals i also recommend tacky the penguin, that is a super cute book about being an individual!)

ANYWAY, i hope something in this proves helpful!! sorry if nothing does!! i welcome contributions from other people with opinion’s on children’s books!!

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How about John, Karkat and Jade leading a Ghosbusters campaign against Rose, Kanaya and the Daves? With gratuitous silly consorts! Or John using The Wind to make it snow. :)


Jade: wow! john you were right!! this game is way better when everyone is playing!

John: no. no it is not. 

Karkat: ….

John: it’s worse than before!! dave stop tricking the consorts into glitching themselves, they’re getting very distressed!

Dave: no can do bro shit does not get old

Karkat: …

Jade: rooose, kanaya. where did you guys go??

Rose: ;)

Jade: ooookay? kanaya?

John: guys we’re supposed to be waging a campaign here! karkat help me out buddy!


Haha.. it was harder to fit this in a visual than I thought it would be! I realized pretty fast that it was going to take too long to get all the characters in the picture. Sorry! :I 

today one of the youth support people started off our pre-work meeting by giving us a fun talk about ways to bring energy into the classroom (that sounds sarcastic but it’s not, he’s awesome), so i decided to try out for my second and third graders (called the team titans, A+ naming idea from my co-coach) stealing with slight modifications something the first grade teacher i used to work with did. he did it with the daily skip-counting that kicked off math lessons. i used it to go through our agenda for our team building portion of the day, because i like agendas because i like markers (and we get the pretty sets with the secondary colors this year) and also i think they’re a good way to preview for kids what’s up so they don’t get caught off guard, and also i just like little rituals, especially to start things off, i think they can be a nice way to make a classroom or a team or whatever feel like, well, a team, a community, something that’s got a life of its own, which is very important to me. but, agendas are tbh not very inherently exciting especially for second and third graders at 5:30 in the afternoon when they have been at school since 8.

SO, to spice things up, first off i started off doing a cheer they like (little red wagon, if you know that one — i got one of the lines backwards lol so i asked the kid who corrected me if he wanted to lead it and it was a blessing in disguise because duhhhh obvs it was a better idea to let a kid lead it, both because if adults are loudly and goofily doing the response then kids are sometimes less self-conscious about getting into it, and because i gotta keep trying to find ways to give kids ownership) to get them all focused and energized (but the last verse we did whisper-style so they would have a chance to calm down). it was v. cute.

THEN (this is the part i stole) i said, “i officially call to order the court of the royal titans. which of my princes and princesses look ready to help me go through our agenda?” and then alternating boys and girls i called volunteers up (by “prince/ss [name]” and told them to read the lines loud and proud. much more of them than usual snapped to “look at me i am so ready” position, the readers were more excited about reading, and also tbh it was VERY CUTE, sometimes u make ur own joy~

anyway after that both me and my co-coach i felt like were very energized and also into improvising other goofy ways of keeping them interested (she did a lot of singing and clapping instructions, very very cute, when we asked them to stand still i asked them if they could show me statues, she did, man, a lot of stuff i don’t even remember right now) and some of them were still tired or droopy or distractible or obnoxious because they are 7 and they had been at the mercy of adults and schedules for jfc 10 hours, but i think it was overall one of our better days and they were more engaged and, like, if not always doing better, mostly trying harder than usual which is what i rly care about (which i try to message them, i try to shout out people catching themselves or turning their days around at least as often as people who have been on point the whole time). yay.

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More waking up tips: There's a really great program called f. lux that changes your computer's monitor display to imitate fluorescent or halogen lights, which can help you go to sleep earlier. If you can set an alarm to play a song that always makes you want to get up and dance, that can help. Also, peppermint scents are scientifically proven to excite and energize! And peppermint tea is delicious.


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UFYH! There is potentially MOUSE PEE on my CLOTHES. This is so gross. A lot of my things are cold water wash/no bleach, and I guess I just want to make sure that washing them in cold water is going to kill everything, including potential Hanta virus stuff. Is there anything else I can/should do? BECAUSE THE GROSS LEVEL IS JUST, UGH. HELP.

OK, I am not a scientist or any kind of mouse pee expert, but I’m going to operate under the assumption that mouse pee is dealt with much in the same way as dog and cat pee. Since it’s a biological stain, you need something with enzymes to break that shit down. I use Nature’s Miracle for all of my pet-related grossness, and have had really good luck with it. So, my suggestion would be: test for colorfastness, then apply the enzymatic detergent directly to the stain, let it sit for a minute, soak it for a while, then run it through a wash cycle with regular detergent and enzymatic cleaner (if the detergent itself isn’t enzymatic).

Re: Hantavirus. I consulted the CDC, since, you know, that’s what they do, and it seems that they recommend a bleach solution or “household disinfectant” (so, Lysol, I’m guessing), and also the interesting fact that direct sunlight can kill Hantavirus. They also say that for clothes and things that can’t be bleached, to run them through a hot water cycle with detergent and then high heat dry. Generally, most cold water wash things are labeled as such to prevent color bleeding or fading, so if it’s something you’ve had a while, you should be OK with one hot water wash.

Mice are assholes. I’m sorry.

boppinrobin replied to your post:Wait you ship Liz and Michael? Thats the first time I ever heard about that lol :P

AHHH that was a GREAT ship!! What was it called, “Polar”? aww yeah. love my precious dead alien teen drama show.

Polarists!! Oh my god, I can’t believe you remember that. My beloved roommate Sara is someone that I met on Fanforum (were you there??) on the Polarists thread in like…1999? I never managed to bring all of my Roswell fic over to AO3 but jfc I wrote a ton of it back in the day. That show was so great and then so terrible, bless it <3333333333

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ALL OF MY LOVE TO YOU, SERIOUSLY. (still wish i could pop by baltimore this weekend but we will have our time and aug 2nd is SO FUCKING CLOSE OH NO I’M GOING TO FREAK OUT ALL OVER AGAINNNNNNNN)

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"The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together." --- The one where Jade goes grimdark and starts using space powers to simply ~undo~ things, and someone tries to do the Sburb Glitch FAQ ur-hug to fix it, with [choose-your-own-adventure!] results.

"How are we gonna catch her?!"

"She’s long gone, no fuckin’ way we can stop her, she’s a twofold god-“

"Rose you snapped out of it, but only after you died, and that’s not c-“

"Shut! Up!"

You squeeze your eyes shut and drive palm heels into your eyeballs, seeing stars stars stars in the darkness of your lids. There’s the faintest of ghost trails left after she blinked away from you, left to peel the layers of a black hole, to undo the very threads of fabric that held held gravity in sway, you were going to catch her. You were going to see her no matter what and you were going to lead a three-way goddamn dogpile that would stop the madness that you had tasted so sweetly.


"Yo," he cuts in.

"Twelve million years in the future, when I say go you go, John-“


"-hold my hand please, other hand Dave, once chance or she’ll dance away, GO!”


Augh, so sorry this took so long! I have LOTS OF FEELS about Vriska.

Perhaps this was intended for that meme thing? But I do not feel like digging it up. So instead I shall NATTER ABOUT VRISKA. Be warned that this will mention mindcontrol, noncon, child abuse, various other kinds of abuse. Also let it be known that nothing I say in here is meant to EXCUSE Vriska Serket’s actions, but rather to shed light on the motivations behind them.

So, Vriska! She is, to me, a very very intriguing character because she has one of the largest, complete character arcs in Homestuck. She *changes*, is the thing.

Vriska starts out, and continues, as essentially BLUH BLUH HUGE BITCH only nastier. She is a serial murderer, she mindcontrols various people nonconsensually, she treats everything as a power game. What separates her from e.g. Eridan among the troll “villains” is that her motive is illuminated.

Vriska, from the first, grew up part of the blueblood aristocracy. She has next to no social checks on her as long as she avoids higher-bloods, so there’s nothing to really teach her morals beyond that except Mindfang’s journal.

Mindfang was Vriska’s only role model. This, you may recall, is the same Mindfang whose only personality-informing remnant is basically her journal of rape nonfiction, which in fact GLORIFIES that rape and mindcontrol and is completely full of privilege.

And then there’s Spidermom. I do not think I really have to go into all the ways Spidermom fucked Vriska up! For one, she prevented her daughter-figure from forming more than a bare few actual bonds with other trolls, because she needed to be fed. Vriska essentially *had no hobbies*. Her FLARPing was to feed her lusus; remember (although I don’t feel up to searching canon for the log) that Terezi was annoyed at Vriska for taking *everyone* to feed Spidermom, rather than just those who “deserved” it. Vriska’s first relationship, her kismesissitude with Eridan, was for both of them based in that need to provide for someone else: Vriska got the trolls, Eridan got the lusii.

All of Vriska’s childhood was spent enforcing into her the notion that not only was she above everyone else and they deserved anything she might do to them, but that she had to wall herself off. Honest emotion wasn’t a thing Vriska could afford if she wanted to feed Spidermom.

Terezi is, of course, the exception to this. For the most part. But when it came to her sister’s wishes against Spidermom, the only guardian figure Vriska has still comes first.

What this has shaped Vriska into at the start of Hivebent is someone who flat-out cannot afford to lose, or let go, or show any sign of weakness. She is abrasive and loud and dangerous; she is afraid of being left alone.

That’s why she set off Jack, remember. Vriska Serket needed to prove that she was good enough.

Whether or not she acknowledges it, Vriska knows that what she’s done is wrong.This is something to remember all throughout Homestuck.


So, all of this is completely subjective. But the way I read it, Vriska envies Tavros his weakness, his softness, his ability to choose *not* to be the best. What she *wants*, when she’s mindcontrolling him, is for him to stand up for himself and force her down. She doesn’t want to dominate him! She wants someone to force her to stop.

Tavros is kind, quite possibly one of the most openly kind trolls on Alternia. He is essentially, I think, what Vriska wishes she could have been. What she does to him is a combination of wanting to get him to force her down and, quite simply, intense jealousy. Of course Vriska hates him at times! He represents everything she never got.

And then there’s John.

John started out as a pawn in her “competition” with Terezi, a competition started in an attempt to get the Scourge Sisters back together. Remember, Vriska knows no way of reconciliation and friendship that isn’t based in confrontation. What’s different about John, and what makes him the catalyst for the completion of Vriska’s arc, is that he is a complete outsider and so they are on relatively even ground. The most Vriska can do to him, a universe away, is maybe make him fall asleep!

John can’t tell her blood color, he doesn’t know about Spidermom and Vriska’s past. She can’t really hurt him. To Vriska, he’s *safe* from her. John’s completely open and friendly, and with him Vriska can be the self she can’t be around those who evaluated based on both her past crimes and her blood color.

She opens up around John because he’s the first person to ever want the best of her and for her, no judgement attached. I think it’s very telling that she tells him about those she killed. That was a huge move for Vriska: it was accepting responsibility for everything she did, and actually feeling remorse for it. Those chatlogs with John were the most open she’d ever been in her life, and it also took an immense amount of trust in John not to cut her open the moment she was exposed.

It is also important to note the way she reacts to Terezi, directly after that! The strong front comes straight back up. Even when all Vriska really wants to do is apologize, she can’t bring herself to be “weak” even in front of her sister. The need to never expose herself is so ingrained in Vriska that, even when it would quite literally save her life, she just can’t do it.

I think it’ll have been good for her, hanging out with dead!John. Not only was he someone she hadn’t killed, it will have been a sort of a safety net. Vriska can relax even more this time! She knows that John doesn’t and won’t hate her when she gets up the courage to tell the whole story again, and this time she can spend as much time as she needs, feeling safe and loved.

Vriska is at heart just a kid, learning how to not be an adult.