i had this really cool dream where i was going skiing and me and one of my friends (idk who it might’ve been nate but they weren’t called nate) were hiking up to ski this little trail in the woods from the top but we ended up hiking (skinning and/or bootpacking) through this abandoned mine that was filled with snow but all the snow was melting so you could actually see the machines and stuff in the mine it was so cool but i didn’t take any pictures unfortunately… also every once in a while i thought that there was a way to go down and i’d put my skis on and my friend would point out to me that you couldn’t actually ski down since there wasn’t enough snow. then we got to this lodge that was really nice and it was on a river (but everything around the lodge was flat despite how much we’d just climbed up) some parts of it looked like minnesota in the summer around camp, but there were big storms brewing in the distance. i took pictures of those

then we skied down and i cant really remember what the trail was like except there was a bit of powder at the end. but the actual trail that we took down to get to the lifts was full of all these icy moguls it was not great