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I’m entering my first cosplay contest! I would really appreciate it if you would take a look over my entry and give me a vote! 

The link to the contest is ~HERE~ at the top middle you will see a tab that says "Vote for the Winners" and my entry is under the name Keeptry.

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Photo credit is due to the lovely Tomyo <3


so y’all know this new sweet looking point and click adventure game comin out in yours truly birth month right? well we so far have joey,

a dark haired qt who under some others speculation is johns sister, which i personally dont believe

but my headcanon? see this picture here??

looks kinda like a nicer larger version of johns house? 
what was that? too fancy for johns neighborhood?

WRONG they could just live in one of those houses because they are larger than the ones in the center AND have a tree and no other houses in sight which would make this tree house a definate

she and her dorky brother probably just live in the nicer side of the neighborhood.

and this dork? probably went to school with john. i bet they were anime buddies and watched ghost busters together.

but yea, john and joey are probably neighbors


Email submission: Fellow igotasubaru member, Grant’s Evo Slayer.
Vote for his car in the contest below click the link!
Compound turbo, bagged. I love this car.

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These are my peers: young people who make new values, and live them in contradiction to everything that says they shouldn’t be able to. Every time I want to fall over and crawl through the desert of my exhaustion, one of them picks me up, dusts me off, and inspires me to keep on keepin’ on. The smartest people I know: also the bravest. Being an adult in 2013 has few obvious external waypoints–it’s instead marked by an attitude, a persistence  a resourcefulness, and above all, the courage to live in uncertainty. It’s a pretty great time to be alive.

— ernie piper

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