i read somewhere that people in healthy relationships start to look like each other. i have three words: blond fedora-ed pete

1. You can be a feminist and be pro life.

2. You can be an atheist/pagan/agnostic/not christian and be pro life.

3. You can be a liberal/Democrat and be pro life.

4. You can be disabled and be pro life.

5. You can be young and be pro life.

6. You can be LGBT+ and be pro life.

Pro life doesn’t just mean being against abortion. It means supporting pregnant people, especially pregnant people of color and pregnant people in poverty and pregnant LGBTQ+ people. It means demanding changes in the adoption system and foster care. It means supporting rape victims and demanding justice for them. It means supporting Planned Parenthood in providing people with vulvas, uteruses, breasts, and those who identify as women with healthcare, as well as prenatal care for pregnant people. It means pioneering sex education and free birth control.

Being pro life does notmean being racist and talking about “welfare queens” and other disgusting stereotypes like that. I does not mean speaking ill of rape victims and being an apologist. It does not mean standing outside of Planned Parenthoods screeching at pregnant individuals and being disgusting human beings. Being pro life doesn’t mean bible thumping at pregnant people who want abortions, and bible thumping at them some more if they decide to keep the baby. Being pro life does not mean teaching abstinence only and not supporting free birth control.

If you follow the first paragraph: congrats! You’re pro life! No matter what other traits you possess. If you follow the second paragraph: reevaluate your existence and remove yourself from society’s presence, you’re being a waste of air.

An anon asked. I promised. I delivered. The Haf List of Lady Badasses (Television Edition). A countdown of the women of TV who have inspired me as a woman, a writer and a person, and who I gauge all other female characters on television by.


Between ages 11-13 approximately, I practiced American Kenpo karate. And every Friday, the exact hour before I was driven off to the dojo, Jackie Chan Adventures was on and I would watch it because, duh, karate show before karate class, perfect mojo motivator. Anyway. I loved that show. And sassy troublemaking, loveably arrogant, constantly-in-over-her-head, wisecracking, wise-beyond-her-years, tiny tornado Jade Chan was the absolute best thing a preteen girl could ask for in a cartoon.


This show was, as I’m sure it was for most solidly teenaged girls of my generation, a time of spiritual, psychological and sexual awakening. This was the point of my life where I realized I desperately needed a motorcycle. I started to wear lots of shades of black. Sunglasses were suddenly important headwear, makeup less so. Boys became bugs in the windshield wipers of my life. Words like “yo” and “whats the hizzy homejizzy” started to work their way into my vocabulary — (no idea about that last one, it just happened, I didn’t even know what I saying god help me). That fact that “Girls Kick Ass” was written on a tee-shirt somewhere was very profound to my teenaged mind. Jessica Alba had really nice hair, and if you tell me you didn’t have a giant, vaguely sexually confused girl crush on Max Guevara (and by proxy Alba) back in the early 00s because of this character, YOU ARE LYING THROUGH YOUR GODDAMN TEETH


Just because her reproductive organs are on the inside doesn’t  mean she can’t blow up a sun. …in fact, to pull off that feat, it’s probably required, in addition to being whip smart and a genius and all that other stuff. Samantha Carter is the only person who could get me to sign up for the military, and that’s only because if you have to lock horns with the Goa’uld, or anything ugly in space for that matter, you’re basically up a creek sans a canoe without Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, whichever Chris plays Thor and this woman. …yes of course Amanda Tapping will save the world in character, why do you ask such silly things.

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You know how with a lot of TV show opening theme music, after a while you get super sick of it and you never want to hear it again and whenever you watch an episode you either fast-forward through it or (if you’re watching live) go to the bathroom or something for that part?

Yeah, I just dropped everything in the middle of my day and listened to the OB opening theme twelve times in a row.

… how many days until April again?