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Part one of ?? for an Aquaphago comic, more under the cut to keep it short! I’m gonna confess it is a slow build kind of thing but it’s going somewhere.

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RWBY Ren/Nora Headcanon

So, since Monty’s death, we know that Ren sadly no longer has a voice actor. Instead of replacing his voice, I’ve always thought they could make him mute as some battle injury or whatever. Basically, since Nora is around him so much, she always tries to tell people what he’s thinking or trying to say and Ren at first is annoyed by it but grows fond of it (as per usual with her). Then one day Nora tells Ren that she loves him, and Ren can’t say it back which makes Nora sad. Instead of writing it down on paper, Ren reaches over to sad Nora and boops her nose. When she looks up, he smiles and mouths ‘boop’.


“When I wanna say I love you I say ‘boop’…”