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It’s so gorgeous. I really wanna join, but I know I can’t. The plot is so well done and great. The graphics are fab. Idk why they don’t have more apps tbh.


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Do you think story boards are useful? Like if I were to legit buy a board, buy index cards and tape, would it be useful to map out the story that way?

if you’re the type of person who needs to plan and do that sort of thing, then yes. of course - if you’re not, planning is one of the worst things that you could ever do when it comes to your writing. i don’t plan anymore - i used to, but spent more time mapping things out and developing than i ever did actually writing out the story… so i stopped. but if you feel the need to do some sort of preparation and aren’t sure of what to do, you could try a few things in general

a bullet list works really well for specific ideals/details  
sketching out a web in your notebook is also good
flow charts are boss

planning is good, but over planning is the worst. i suggest you try something not too rigid before going out and buying everything that you need for a story board. story boards are a useful tool, but there are a lot of others that can also help you successfully organize your work

i hope this helped!