DRTY LVRS f. SMP (Scott Putesky / Daisy Berkowitz) performing Nirvana’s ‘Negative Creep’ live at the BoomCon after-party / drink and draw. San Jose, Costa Rica January 2012.

PodComics sent the real “Traveling Gringos” to Costa Rica’s first ever comic convention “Boom Con!" For a first run show, it was very professional and had way more quality than we were expecting. Both English and Spanish were used in the artist interviews and there was some great talent from both comics and animation. PodComics highly recommends this convention for next year. We look forward to being there too, most likely with a booth this time and “Traveling Gringos Season 1” on DVD for purchase : )

South Florida's Shadow-Gods, DRTY LVRS, Ink Music Deal and Announce International Performances

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The Dark-Electro Duo from Ft. Lauderdale, FL sign deal with Cleopatra Records and book debut shows in Central America

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Weeks after the release of their debut single R3D, Chason and Batt, known collectively as DRTY LVRS, have landed a remix deal with the legendary goth-dance label Cleopatra Records.

"Chason sent me the song (R3D), and within one listen I offered them the deal,” says Brian Perera, President of Cleopatra Records. “We’re planning on doing at least 2 remixes of the track.”

In late October, the band raised some eyebrows with their short promo video, as it featured some of the world’s top fetish models in various states of play. Once R3D was released on 11.11.11, it gained instant popularity within the fetish industry and also caught the eye of like-minded cosplay and comic enthusiasts -including promoters of Costa Rica’s premiere pop-culture / comic convention, BoomCon. Within weeks, DRTY LVRS was booked as the event’s featured band for January 2012, and they consequently booked their first performance at another venue in San Jose.

BoomCon's partnering sponsor, San Jose radio's 104.7 Hit, heard of the band’s involvement in the convention and became instant fans of R3D, planning to add it to their rotation beginning in late December.

"Even despite the anticipated resilient sunshine, I am very much looking forward to these performances," Chason (Vocals, Bass) remarked. “I like the sun,” added Batt (Vocals / Guitar). “And as long as Star [The Band Mascot / Bat] is under cover, we’re fine. But yes, it’s our evening performance I’m looking forward to… and of course, meeting new fans.”

A free download of DRTY LVRS' R3D is available at their web site, Additionally, Cleopatra's club mixes are expected to be available world-wide in the coming weeks.


Spawned recently from the red-light district in Amsterdam and guided by their mystical bat, Star, the DRTY LVRS appear destined for rock-stardom. With a band history bordering on fable, this dark-electronic duo combines dance-floor beats, hypnotic instrumentation and memorable hooks to create a sound so dirty, that people will have no choice but to release themselves to it. For more their compete story and more information visit:,,

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