When you’ve got some downtime on Hoth, keep warm by grooving to the phat beats of the Dark Side played on this awesome AT-BT Boombox. The All Terrain Beats Transport Walker was designed by Los Angeles-based artist Caleb Paullus for the recent 2015 Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA.

Now Paullus is offering custom-built AT-BTs via Etsy:

Every AT-BT is unique and built to order, you can pick a color, add a bluetooth module and even some LED accent lightning.

The standard AT-BT comes with 4 speakers, rechargeable lithium battery (lasts 6 to 8 hours), A/C Adapter, AUX 3.5mm input, and 20watt output on AC, 5 on DC.

Head over to the Caleb Paullus Etsy shop to learn more about the geektastic AT-BT and check out his other creations. You can also view more of his artwork by following him right here on Tumblr at keeperofthebeard​.

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Boombox Music Video Behind The Scenes Pt. 2

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B.T.S. Facts: Sole has been releasing music professionally since 1992. And is credidted for establishing the mid-west underground rap scene with the likes of Mf Doom, Slug (Atmosphere) and Aesop Rock,

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DIY Boombox Valentine’s Day Printables at Lemon Thistle. Not just for Valentine’s Day, these printable boomboxes come in 3 colors and 2 sizes. They are sized to fit small and large treat boxes but if you have a basic image editing program you could resize them to fit matchboxes (the kind that don’t have matches in them). You also could try and use the blend mode to get more than 1 image on a page. For one of the best unique and quirky Valentine’s Day DIY archives go here.

I took a screen shot of the pink printable to show how cute they look closeup.